State of the Fox

October hasn't been what I'd call a great month. Work is lots of stress, lots of change and not a lot of concrete stuff. I'm officially a Subject Matter Expert for something I really do not to be involved in, but I am the guy with the most knowledge ATM. At least the project is a complete new build out, so hopefully I can do it right from the start.

I turned 46. I still don't feel 46. What the hell happened? I'll buy my 30's, since I can at least keep my checkbook balanced. Oh well. On my spawning day I went and saw a screening of 'Prince of Darkness' at the Alamo Drafthouse. Good way to spend the end of my spawning day.

Last night I went to the wake of a friend of mine from college. Saw a lot of people I haven't seen in too many years. Lots of stories, laughs, tears. I have a lot of stuff in my head that I have to process. Don't worry, nothing bad, just stuff in my life and how I view my life I think I need to change. I'm also sorry it took a friend dying for me to reach out and see those friends from my past. *sad*

Health wise, things are mixed. When I'm mindful of my eating, and my stress isn't super high, my bloodsugars are hovering a smidge above normal. When the stress kicks in, or I do something stupid like eat too much pizza (aka today), they're all over the place. My dealings with CareNow have sunk to a new low, I need to find a GP so I don't have to deal with unprofessional medical staff. I have a couple of leads from people I trust, so that's good. Depression/anxiety and stress is making the brainmeats tricky to manage, along with constant focusing on my blood sugar and how my eyes are acting. *yawn* I also am having issues sleeping solid, stress is for the feckin birds.

So what's coming up ? A follow up eye-doctor visit on Wednesday, then after that I hope to have stable enough vision to get my normal bifocal glasses. Various work projects, next weekend is more social time, and going to see some classic horror flicks next Sunday. Mostly though, I'm just going to be trying to keep the anxiety/stress levels from hitting peak levels again. *crosses tentacles*

Allergies suck

Well, it's Cedar Fever 2.0 for the year. Allergies kicked in Sunday, and they've gotten worse. Stayed up half the night coughing, and ended up calling in sick this morning. Still feeling lousy. One of those days I kind of regret living in a state that I'm allergic to. *sigh*

Haven't made definitive plans for this weekend of emotional foo. I have multiple plans, depending on if I have the tentacles for a road trip and hunt for books, or if I want to just be a full on hermit, or if I'm really, really down, too down for being alone. I'll decide on Saturday after I've been up and moving for a while. Also kind of depends on weather, don't want to drive through storms and such. Also, given I have the plague of some form, who knows how I'll feel on Saturday. So it all depends.

Mood is better than last week, even with feeling sick. Hoping it stays that way. Not much else to talk about right now. Plan is to take it easy tonight, and hope I feel back to normal. We'll see how it goes. Laters hominids.

Not as much computer stuff

Been a decent week. Well minus the massive allergy attack at the begining. New level of allergies, I sneezed myself off a conf call. Work is still decent. Even when it's stressful it's not too stressful. Went with Amythest to see 'The Finest Hours', fun little seafaring/disaster flick. Especially at the cheap theater.

Weekend has been good, hung out with Amythest watching bad movies last night. Came home fairly early for a Friday, and went to bed with a book before too long. Got up this morning, started the great migration. Did some chores, got dinner from Freebirds, and have been watching a bunch of horror flicks. Nice fun movies.

Still working on the computer foo. I've mostly got everything working the way I want, currently migrating VMs to the new box. Need to also find my notes to how I had the posting to wordpress via Vim setup. Then I'll probably leave the old dagon up and running to copy the things I haven't thought of over, as that always seems to happen. Still, much less painful that some other builds of mine.

Tomorrow I've got more chores to deal with, and probably more importing of VMs. And probably more cheesy horror movies. I do love them so. That's about all for today, tune in tomorrow for more rambles probably. *waves a tentacle*

And the rest of the Saturday

In other news, today is my 2 month anniversary at Carcosa Corp. *cheer* I also ran into a former coworker with the Shoggoth Pit at the store today. Seems things have changed, and a certain person who drove me to the brink of unhappy madness is no longer there. Passed on recruiter info, and I'll talk to said recruiter next week. He's a good egg, rarely made me want to go all stabby. So schradenfreude, nice to see ya *grin*

Spent the non-new Dagon rest of the day watching assorted ghost flicks, doing adulting things (aka chores) and stuff. Things are pretty organized, other than the big pile of laundry for tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I have to take out all the dishes from the cabinets so the bug people can spray on Monday. *sigh* Hate that.

I've also been seeing a cat around Château Innsmouth (well outside). Little grey and white kitty, has a collar but no tags. Skittish, not so much that I couldn't come up slowly and scratch him/her behind the ears and check the collar. Cute kitty, I'm hoping he/she has a family. I'm trying not to be tempted into adopting a kitty. I still don't want to have anything relying on me at home, even if it's cute and fuzzy. *tries to cover up the 'Sucker' on his forehead*. Yeah, that will work. *wink*

Not much else going on. Probably going to go to bed after another flick and some more installs. I am tired still. Plus, there is bookage to read. We'll see. But for now, have a good night.

8 bells and all’s well

Thank Cthulhu it's Friday. This week has been kind of nuts, felt pretty miserable Wedneday and called in. My sleeping has been erratic as hell, but until last night there were no nightmares...

Then I had the mother of nightmares this morning, not going into details as it was epicly personal. Woke up crying, that's new. Stayed up for a while, then went back to sleep...and ended up in the same nightmare. Didn't wake up crying at least, but I just stayed up and metalled til it was time to go to work. Mood got better, but I am drained. Really hoping for no dreams tonight at all.

Not much else. Tomorrow I'm getting my upgraded system back, and I'll probably spend most of the day and night installing, tweaking, copying. I was planning on spending all weekend working on it, but I decided to space it out, since I'm going to want to make sure everything works before I swap stuff. And there's a billion tweaks on Dagon that I'll have to replicate. So that will take a while.

Ok, calling this a post. Going to head to bed early (for a Friday).

And now it's 1 bell (aka 8:30). Time flies when you're writing blog posts.

Spanking dinosaurs and computer oopses

Saturday was good. Slept weird, had strange dreams about Marvel superheroes and other geeky stuff. Got up earlier than I planned, convinced myself to go be an adult and do the grocery shopping. Came home, got stuff organized, and headed up to visit friends and put my IT department to work. One problem, as he asked me 'Did you bring the drive rails?' And I had to be that customer and go 'What rails ?' So, road trip to Microcenter, which was railless. No big deal. Was going to order a set and have them shipped over from the case manufacturer, but their site is a tad evil. (luckily I found them when I got home, being a packrat has advantages). I'll ship the rails out on Monday, and I already ordered some other bits via Amazon and shipped them over. So I'll have Dagon 2.0 by next weekend.

We headed back to base, watched a horrible dino flick called 'Jurassic Attack'. Horrible acting, worst commandos ever, and another line in the Vulpine catalog of strange things "Don't spank the triceratops". (note to people, spanking a triceratops causes dumb commandos to be run over). Then after some debate, we ended up watching 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. Which was better the second time around, and with subtitles. After that, I ended up coming home. I was tired and feeling kind of icky. So I came home, found the rails, am talking computer bits and zenning out.

Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with the musketeers, do laundry and go see 'Zootopia'. Then back to Carcosa Corp on Monday. No wild plans for next week. Not much else, so I'll call this a post. Night all.

State of the Fox

Another week has ended. Been a less than stellar week. Bad. stressful dreams, anniversaries of bad things happening to good people, and me finding myself low on cope and temper. At least I managed to knock out a ton of out of date tickets today at Carcosa Corp.

I've been more vocal on Facebook, it's easier to spit out a one liner. And since I don't have ssh access to remote from Carcosa, my usual workflow for LJ/Wordpress doesn't work. Plus I spend a lot more time writing these things than I do FB. Not leaving here though, it's just probably going to be a weekend posting vs daily the way I was. We'll see.

Had my quarterly pshrink visit, things are pretty normal. I do need to get a yearly physical before my next visit. Shouldn't be a problem. I may even try to find a GP vs going to Carenow for everything. Need to take better care of myself I think.

I've also offically decided to turn my gamer system into a new Linux workstation. I've picked up some additional RAM, and a new SSD and platter drive (6 TB for the price of 5). Next weekend I'll put my friends at Dallas Computer Consulting to work and have them install all the bits and test things, then I'll do the OS side of things. Then I'll probably spend the next weekend tweaking all the tweaks, importing everything and testing. If all goes according to plan, it will be a nearly seamless swap of systems (I'll leave oldDagon running for a while in case my plans fail). Then oldDagon will be repurposed as a home/backup server. Yay nerdery. For those who care, I'll be moving back to Ubuntu's Mate flavor from Linux Mint. Mostly so I can play the newer stuff coming in 16.04 next month. I'll probably reinstall Hydra at some point to go back to Linux Mint. Note, this has nothing to do with the security issues they've had. I just feel a need to move stuff around. I'm also pondering going to a more cutting edge kernel, instead of sticking with the Ubuntu defaults. We'll see how everything works first.

Weekend plans? Tonight is my usual, with a side of laundry to catch up on bedsheets. Tomorrow is a few errands,then social time with friends. Bad movies and pizza and stuff. Sunday is more laundry and more friend time. High content of resting. I also have books to read, so many books.

So that's the state of the fox, I'm not my best, but better than say a year ago. Hopefully after this weekend things will swing up again. It should. I have faith.

Adulting Fox is adulting

Been doing all the adulting. Last night I finally went through the staffing agency's insurance, and made choices. Keeping my current insurance, but added some other stuff to flesh it out. Went to bed about midnight, and I'm testing reducing my sleep meds. Pshrink suggested this months ago, but given my anxieties about getting enough sleep I haven't even thought about it til recently. But my stress levels have been dropping, so I gave it a shot. Night one, slept decent, was up around 10ish. No really groggyness. We'll try again tonight. Yay for lack of stressness.

Got up and did the adulting. Trash, cleaned out the car, cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom, and changed the sheets. Oh yeah, and checked mail. Which is almost all the things I wanted to get done today of the non-fun things. Still want to clean off/under the futon in prep for getting rid of it, but that's not a priority. Just something that's been on the TODO list for months. We'll see. I also need to sit down and do my taxes, so I can figure out if I need to plan, and how much I need to plan for. Given how things went last year in regards to money, it's going to be...interesting.

Now I'm watching movies and updating VMs. General vegging time. I was thinking about going to be semi-social, but I think hermitting is more in my future. That and my allergies are unhappy. And given how things tend to go, I'll feel worse the later it gets. We'll see, it's only noonish. But for now, it's movies and geekery and being comfy. Catch you all later.