8 bells and all’s well

Thank Cthulhu it's Friday. This week has been kind of nuts, felt pretty miserable Wedneday and called in. My sleeping has been erratic as hell, but until last night there were no nightmares...

Then I had the mother of nightmares this morning, not going into details as it was epicly personal. Woke up crying, that's new. Stayed up for a while, then went back to sleep...and ended up in the same nightmare. Didn't wake up crying at least, but I just stayed up and metalled til it was time to go to work. Mood got better, but I am drained. Really hoping for no dreams tonight at all.

Not much else. Tomorrow I'm getting my upgraded system back, and I'll probably spend most of the day and night installing, tweaking, copying. I was planning on spending all weekend working on it, but I decided to space it out, since I'm going to want to make sure everything works before I swap stuff. And there's a billion tweaks on Dagon that I'll have to replicate. So that will take a while.

Ok, calling this a post. Going to head to bed early (for a Friday).

And now it's 1 bell (aka 8:30). Time flies when you're writing blog posts.

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