Allergies suck

Well, it's Cedar Fever 2.0 for the year. Allergies kicked in Sunday, and they've gotten worse. Stayed up half the night coughing, and ended up calling in sick this morning. Still feeling lousy. One of those days I kind of regret living in a state that I'm allergic to. *sigh*

Haven't made definitive plans for this weekend of emotional foo. I have multiple plans, depending on if I have the tentacles for a road trip and hunt for books, or if I want to just be a full on hermit, or if I'm really, really down, too down for being alone. I'll decide on Saturday after I've been up and moving for a while. Also kind of depends on weather, don't want to drive through storms and such. Also, given I have the plague of some form, who knows how I'll feel on Saturday. So it all depends.

Mood is better than last week, even with feeling sick. Hoping it stays that way. Not much else to talk about right now. Plan is to take it easy tonight, and hope I feel back to normal. We'll see how it goes. Laters hominids.

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