Second First Day at Carcosa

And today was my first day as a non-contract employee. Came in, and happily, everything was still working. (We had expected that onboarding would have broken at least one thing in the corporate setup). Logged into the HR website, filled out the forms, did my I9 stuff via a semi-random manager. Since this office doesn't have an HR person on staff, they have a procedure for witnessing and validating ID stuff. Odd, but cool. It could be documented a little better, as it wasn't specific if I needed a notary, or if just anyone could do it (save relatives). Insurance picked, it's rather nice. I have a ton of 'training' videos to watch, corporate culture and SOP. Had a generally good overall day, though I ran out of operating tentacles by the time I left. So my plan to go to the store was put on hold. Maybe tomorrow before work for work stuff, or Wednesday.

Came home, made dinner, put up laundry from yesterday. Going to go to bed in a bit, yay booktime. Tomorrow is the work holiday shindig, then I'll be going back to Amythest's to put up the tree. Hopefully I can find some of the Cthulhumas spirit tomorrow. I hope so at least. Hope everything goes well. Or at least I let go of that bit of dread that everything is going to crater on me. *sigh* *crosses tentacles* Wish me luck gang.

Final day at Carcosa (for the moment)

Well, today was my last day at Carcosa a contractor. Come Monday I fill out a bunch of online paperwork, pick my insurances is, provide a lot of details, and I'll be a real employee.

What does this mean, besides I'm back oncall for the first time in about 15 months. In a very adhoc manner, which will take some getting used to. I'm used to being on call one week, and off the next. Instead it's if you have plans let the others know, and whoever gets to the problem first handles it. I'd be more concerned, but I'm not the only hermit on staff. As for working non-core hours/weekends, I've been doing that to a degree anyway, this just makes it less of a 'keep up with hours' nickel and dime bit than it's been, which is fine by me. I rather be salary and just get stuff done. So lessening some of the more annoying bits of the job.

I have a new snazzy laptop, I've been trying to get the automatic VPN part to work, but it seems to have issues. I'll talk to our desktop IT guys on Monday about it.

So yeah, end of one chapter, begining of another. Even if it's mostly the same. See everyone Monday when I'm an offical Senior Shoggoth Wrangler for Carcosa Corportation. May the King in Yellow be gentle with your feels *wink*