Quick Post

Been trying to write up a post, but I've got a combination of fuzzy brain and distracted by the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. Life is good, major amount of Lovecraft last night and today. They livestream parts of the festival, panels and interviews and stuff. This year I've really been hooked on it. Was being silly on the chat portion with other internet Lovecraftians. I've also geeked, and gotten my chores done for the weekend (well minus laundry, that's tomorrow). I'll try to get my thoughts together later or tomorrow. Ok, I'm going to call this a post. Catch you all later, and remember to swim out to Devil Reef and howl praises to Dagon...or watch some Netflix. I'm easy.

A Very Good Day

Well, this Friday was a good day. Work was pretty good, even with a very long conf call. My mad skills at system monitoring came in handy, as I figured out a quick organization fix for Cacti, and came up with a 'in theory' way under Nagios to alert for processes that A. use 95% of the CPU, and B. last more than 30 min. And I could do it with the built in plugins. I've never DIY'd my own Nagios scripts before, but between my brainmeats and Nagios having good documentation it was a 5 min to have a plan. And since I'm working on a Nagios setup here at Château Innsmouth, I'll test it over the weekend before testing it more on the devel and stage networks at work.

I also volunteered to help a fellow Lovecraftian in Hungary with a thesis he's doing on HP Lovecraft. He had a ebook copy of Joshi's epic 'I Am Providence', and had about a dozen citations, but he was worried his committee would argue that the citations didn't match the physical page numbers (which I've heard of before). So, I have the 1st edition hardbacks, so he sent me a list of quotations and their chapters and general location, and I verified the page numbers (which were way different than the ebook). Didn't take long, maybe 30 min. Felt good to help another adept of Grandpa Theobald. *gains 2d6% in Library Research*

I've also watched some really bad horror movies. I'll post one of the reviews later (I did some of my best writing on Facebook ranting about this flick). I've moved on to 'The Descent', one of my favorites. Ubuntu released 16.04 yesterday, so I'm updating my test VMs. Tomorrow is hermit day, with a side of organizing, and possibly a marathon of the 'Hellraiser' flicks (random idea I had). I've got to move Dagon and Shoggoth onto the UPSes, as the last power blip showed me I oopsed there. There will probably also be a labeling fest, along with more VM updating and the aforementioned Nagios experimenting. Probably will be other experimenting, I have a list. Sunday is back to normal, laundry and TV and Amythest time. Then back to work. I have a meeting/lunch with my recruiter on...Wednesday? I definitely have to give my recruiter company this, they keep up with their placed minions. I also have a bunch of work to do, still playing catch up from being sick, and I keep coming up with ideas on how to do things, that lead to me getting assigned the deployment of said ideas. But, instead of freaking out (well for long) I take it as the challenge it's intended as and go with it. So I expect the next 3 months to be interesting, and not in the Chinese curse sense of the word.

So that's the most of the state of the fox. I'm still feeling fairly meh physically. Worst allergies ever. Mood is better, then again given how low I swung for a while, I kind of have to be better. Looking forward to a number of book pre-orders and future geeking and well, stuff. Catch you all later. *waves a tentacle*

State of the fox

Well, I had a rough night last night. Talked to Amythest and got a shower and went to bed with a book as normal. All as normal. Turned out the lights, curled up in bed...and my brain slammed into overdrive thinking all kinds of negative thoughts. Trapsing through my past and all kind of mistakes I've made, people I've hurt, decisions I've regretted. And nothing seemed to snap me out of it. Nothing I was looking forward to, nothing happy. Ugg, I hate my brain. Finally I got up, made myself go take a xanax to slow my spinny brain, and I ate some chips and read some more til things got fuzzier. Got to sleep, and I slept okish. Had better dreams, weird ones, like I was trying to wake Cthulhu via a Rube Goldbergian device involving blankets and a hand grenade. No, I don't know what that means, other than I'd like Cthulhu up and moving around.

Got up, took a while to get moving. Got to work late, but I got breakfast as well, hashbrowns fix things. Work was...challenging. Mostly not directly involving me, but frustrating. Not going into it. On the plus side, 3 month anniversary (or half way done with the contract). Went to Walmart at lunch, because I knew I'd be lacking in energy by going home time, and I needed to get away a bit. Weird Wally World, my large amount of eggs started the cashier on a conversation about flatulence... why me ? Came back to work, ended up cutting up one of the packs of eggs for lunch using my multitool. That's probably a sign it's a challenging day. Finally left late (making up for longer lunch than usual, and being late), came home to find that half the parking lot is blocked off. Oh yeah, I remember now. Have to leg it across the complex to Château Innsmouth, put up groceries and decide that no, Mac & Cheese is too much of an energy investment. Nuke food it is.

Tonight, I have no idea what's the plan? I'm more than a little worried about sleep, given last night's thought processes. I'm going to see about trying to get things on a more positive keel before bed, even if I wasn't too negative before the lights went out. I don't know, hopefully I can work something out. At least I get donuts tomorrow. Wish me luck on tonight.


My Saturday, besides the sads, has been alright. Started off kind of rough, with some odd/disturbing dreams. So I got up early, took meds, and got going. I built the new Shoggoth (the mini PC server), got it working with Ubuntu server 16.04 beta, acting as a DNS, NTP, Apache and file server. It's not powerful, but it's good enough for what it's going to do. I also build a Windows 10 VM for yucks and giggles. No reason, just cause. Distraction was a good plan for today.

I also watched a lot of Scifi. Star Wars VII, some assorted monster flicks, Robocop, the Martian (which was still a lot of feels, oops), and currently Hollow Man. Lots of sciencing the shit out of things, both good and bad *wink*

Tomorrow I'm still going to take it easy-ish, with some chores and laudnry to do. Not a lot though, as I doubt I'll be back to myself. Still feeling kind of sick, better, but still sick. This really sucks. Really wish I was feeling better already. Hopefully tomorrow I will be.

As for the landmine day, well it's been as good as could be expected. Some tears here and there, but no real meltdowns. Which is good. Hopefully since the day is done, my mood will start climbing back up, and life can get back to normal. I can hope at least.

Still not feeling good

Still sick, called in yet again. *sigh* This is so unbueno, not only leaving Carcosa Corp in a lurch, but boy is it expensive to be sick before your PTO kicks in. But after I decided to pick up the clutter at Château Innsmouth and I got kind of woozy, I decided that staying home was probably the better plan. I read a bit, napped a bit, watched assorted horror movies. Been going for favorites for a while, first 'The Zero Boys' aka the slasher film no one has seen, which is probably a good thing, it's not very good. But it has some epic one liners, and Kelli Maroney in full on sass mode, and it has a special place in my horror movie heart. Now I'm watching 'Evil Dead II', aka my favorite movie in history, at least for the number of times I've seen it. Probably will throw on another favorite from my younger days afterwards. Not done much else besides binge on bad movies, and update virtual machines.

Tomorrow is the landmine day. I had a series of plans depending on mood, but due to being sick, I've decided I'm just going to stay home and geek. I bought a cheap barebones microPC, aka insert ram and drive and go, and I'm going to set it up as a home server. Don't need it, I can do everything via VMs, but I wanted a server to play with, and oldDagon eats a lot of power. So mini it is. I'm also planning on watching favorite sci-fi flicks. Monsters and aliens and such. See how well I can distract myself. Of course, as I've said to my local friends, if things get too bad, I will pick up the phone. I promise. But the general plan is to just hermit, and take care of me. I have food, I have drinks, I have books and plush critters, and the internet. Some of my favorite people live on the interwebs. So I'll be ok, Promise.

So yeah, still sick, still frazzled. But I will survive. Going to get back to 'Evil Dead II' and chill. Catch you all tomorrow, when I'm sure I'll be talkative.

Doctor Visit

Went to the doc in a box today. It's not strep, it's probably just allergies out of the wazzo. Got a script for steroids to clear up all the bits that are freaking over allegins, and a script for antibiotics if it doesn't pass in a couple of days. Dropped off scripts, came home, feeling pretty lousy and sad all of a sudden. Sick of feeling sick. Oh well, it will pass eventually. Nothing much else to say, catch you all later.

Allergies suck

Well, it's Cedar Fever 2.0 for the year. Allergies kicked in Sunday, and they've gotten worse. Stayed up half the night coughing, and ended up calling in sick this morning. Still feeling lousy. One of those days I kind of regret living in a state that I'm allergic to. *sigh*

Haven't made definitive plans for this weekend of emotional foo. I have multiple plans, depending on if I have the tentacles for a road trip and hunt for books, or if I want to just be a full on hermit, or if I'm really, really down, too down for being alone. I'll decide on Saturday after I've been up and moving for a while. Also kind of depends on weather, don't want to drive through storms and such. Also, given I have the plague of some form, who knows how I'll feel on Saturday. So it all depends.

Mood is better than last week, even with feeling sick. Hoping it stays that way. Not much else to talk about right now. Plan is to take it easy tonight, and hope I feel back to normal. We'll see how it goes. Laters hominids.

Fhtagn Friday

It's Friday. Not doing my best this last week. The anniversary of Mom's passing is a week from Saturday, and it's pretty hard coping at the moment. Work is work, I found out I was doing something wrong, and now I have to do a lot of catch up. Kind of frustrating, but that's life.

Tomorrow is a shindig for Nymaz's spawning day. Bad movies and friends. I'm also helping him with some fence repair before hand. I also need to find time to go to the store. Sunday is seeing the sequel to 'Olympus has Fallen' with Amythest and maybe Nymaz. Lots of social time. Which is a tad challenging, but I've got tonight, and I'm going to do my best to be social. I'm trying to be more than my anxieties.

On the more positive front, I finally upgraded Pseudopod. Not the latest and greatest, but I got a refurbed Nexus 5. Double the disk space, and new shiny and latest android. Still loading stuff on it, adding apps, etc. Yay shiny. Not sure of a name for it yet, letting things swirl in the depths of my brain. It might just be Pseudopod 3.0. We'll see.

Btw, if you haven't read Doug Wynne and you like Spies and Shoggoths ala DELTA GREEN or The Laundry, you should fix this. I recently reread 'Red Equinox', and it's turning into one of my comfort reads. (and if you were wondering where the LJ icon came from, well you can guess).

Ok, that's enough rambling for right now. Catch you all later. *tentacle wave*