Fhtagn Friday

It's Friday. Not doing my best this last week. The anniversary of Mom's passing is a week from Saturday, and it's pretty hard coping at the moment. Work is work, I found out I was doing something wrong, and now I have to do a lot of catch up. Kind of frustrating, but that's life.

Tomorrow is a shindig for Nymaz's spawning day. Bad movies and friends. I'm also helping him with some fence repair before hand. I also need to find time to go to the store. Sunday is seeing the sequel to 'Olympus has Fallen' with Amythest and maybe Nymaz. Lots of social time. Which is a tad challenging, but I've got tonight, and I'm going to do my best to be social. I'm trying to be more than my anxieties.

On the more positive front, I finally upgraded Pseudopod. Not the latest and greatest, but I got a refurbed Nexus 5. Double the disk space, and new shiny and latest android. Still loading stuff on it, adding apps, etc. Yay shiny. Not sure of a name for it yet, letting things swirl in the depths of my brain. It might just be Pseudopod 3.0. We'll see.

Btw, if you haven't read Doug Wynne and you like Spies and Shoggoths ala DELTA GREEN or The Laundry, you should fix this. I recently reread 'Red Equinox', and it's turning into one of my comfort reads. (and if you were wondering where the LJ icon came from, well you can guess).

Ok, that's enough rambling for right now. Catch you all later. *tentacle wave*

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