About Me

Hello, I guess this is where I ramble on about myself and answer all the odd questions about me that are out there. So, I'm Vulpine, no that's not my real name, it's a nom de internet. If you're familiar with Latin, you'd assume I was a fan of foxes. Which I am. And if you're familiar with H.P. Lovecraft, you probably have guessed from my domain that I'm a fan of quirky early 20th century horror writers. Two of my favorite things in fact.

I'm also a major computer geek, who's made a living for almost 20 years dealing with computers. My current focus is network and system security, aka how computers talk to each other, and how to keep them from saying bad things. See the Computers page for more details. I live and breathe Linux, I run my own servers, and I get the occasional call for help from friends. I can't imagine not having a high speed internet connection, or at least two monitors (my current workflow is 3 monitors, and 1 TV).

Besides Lovecraft and computers I have other hobbies. Reading in general, I'll read just about anything if it sounds interesting. Associated with reading is a major love for history. Current historical addiction is the Mediterranean area, from prehistoric times til the 'fall' of the Western Roman Empire, but that's just one of many. I'm also a major fan of horror movies of all kinds. (I've even been in one once upon a time.)

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but I'm originally from New York. Still consider myself a New Yorker for the most part, even if it's been over 2 decades since I lived there.

No romantic relationships, no kids, no pets currently. I'm not close to any of my living relatives, but I have a large group of friends who might as well be family to me.

I'm diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety issues. I'm currently on happy pills for them, which don't completely fix things, but do a good enough job keeping me stable.