Still not feeling good

Still sick, called in yet again. *sigh* This is so unbueno, not only leaving Carcosa Corp in a lurch, but boy is it expensive to be sick before your PTO kicks in. But after I decided to pick up the clutter at Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth and I got kind of woozy, I decided that staying home was probably the better plan. I read a bit, napped a bit, watched assorted horror movies. Been going for favorites for a while, first 'The Zero Boys' aka the slasher film no one has seen, which is probably a good thing, it's not very good. But it has some epic one liners, and Kelli Maroney in full on sass mode, and it has a special place in my horror movie heart. Now I'm watching 'Evil Dead II', aka my favorite movie in history, at least for the number of times I've seen it. Probably will throw on another favorite from my younger days afterwards. Not done much else besides binge on bad movies, and update virtual machines.

Tomorrow is the landmine day. I had a series of plans depending on mood, but due to being sick, I've decided I'm just going to stay home and geek. I bought a cheap barebones microPC, aka insert ram and drive and go, and I'm going to set it up as a home server. Don't need it, I can do everything via VMs, but I wanted a server to play with, and oldDagon eats a lot of power. So mini it is. I'm also planning on watching favorite sci-fi flicks. Monsters and aliens and such. See how well I can distract myself. Of course, as I've said to my local friends, if things get too bad, I will pick up the phone. I promise. But the general plan is to just hermit, and take care of me. I have food, I have drinks, I have books and plush critters, and the internet. Some of my favorite people live on the interwebs. So I'll be ok, Promise.

So yeah, still sick, still frazzled. But I will survive. Going to get back to 'Evil Dead II' and chill. Catch you all tomorrow, when I'm sure I'll be talkative.

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