Finally updating email

I've finally switched over my primary email address to this domain. So if you have my email in your address book, update the domain name. The old addresses (yes all of them) will still work for the foreseeable future, but I'd still make the change, just in case.

On All Hallows everything is not what it seems

Sleep was mostly restful, except for my last dream. I was back at the 'Pit. I had to come in to fix the ticket problem. But I had no access to anything, and exBoss #2 and my replacement were utterly useless. I also had no idea how much I was getting paid for this insanity. So yeah, not a pleasant dream. Woke up from that a little bit ago, and decided to stay up.

So starting my Halloween marathon with 'Lord of Illusions'. Yay magic with a 'K'. I have some ideas for the theme of the day, along with a small laundry lists of geek projects. Mostly though today I'm going to wind down til time falls back, and the pagan new year starts. Doubt any dead people will come visit me though. Nor any living...I plan on having the lights out and the door locked. Not that Château Innsmouth gets much in the way of trick or treaters.

Mood is kind of off, that dream really threw me. Am hoping I can drag myself out of said mood and enjoy Halloween. I leave you with this bit of lyric...

It's a dead geek's party
Who could ask for more
Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door

Let the Halloween begin

Halloween party was fun, if a little over loud due to kiddos. Won the annual obstacle course (Ufie party tradition). Nice to know I'm still good at planning while moving, and a decent shot with a nerf crossbow. Home now, watching "Dracula Untold" thanks to Kenneth Hite and my recent reading material.

Tomorrow's Halloween still looks to be epic hermitage. Gothic horror and/or black magic is going to the movies of choice, and I'll be working on geekery as well. Then it's a 'new' year, at least for us old pagan types. Hopefully I can turn it into a good year.

Happy Halloween boils and ghouls, catch you all later.

Friday’s fox is full of meh

Not the best night last night. Made a food mistake, forgot that most restaurants make mac and cheese with a base sauce that has onion. Not a bad dose, but enough to make me feel pretty icky. Still managed to help Amythest with party prep. Came home, watched some TV, and had a nasty case of being oversensitive to a friend's comment. Hate when that happens. Went to bed, had the traditional weird dream...Star Trek TOS this time, with me reading the riot act to some Romulans who deserved it. Got up before my alarm again. Not doing much this morning. Still feeling kind of blah from last night. To be honest, I really kind of wish I didn't have plans for tonight, high levels of mehness. Oh well. Guess this is enough of a post for today, catch ya later.

Spawn of the Secret Agents

Happy Thursday people. Had a good night's sleep, pretty solid sleep. Finishing up with a dream of the crazy...

The dream was some kind of quasi-futuristic, post Cthulhu Singularity. I was part of a team of 3 agents, me as 'me', a special forces type, and a hacker who resembled Felicity Smoak from 'Arrow'. We were in London, I think, trying to stop some kind of breakthrough, which mostly meant running around town. All was well.

Except I wasn't a normal human, I was part 'Other' ala Wilbur Whateley. Which gave me certain extra physical and psychic abilities (and if I really went overboard, tentacles), but the more I used said abilities, the more bad things could happen. Plus it seemed my team didn't know the details of how I made stuff happen, so the revealing of said abilties led to a bit of tension "Why didn't you tell us you were a spawn of Yog-Sothoth !?!. You didn't ask!"

Weird little dream, but compared to some anxiety/stressor dreams I've had lately, this was pure fun. Well, minus the argument.

After the dream, I got up and got moving. Since I have plans for tonight, I decided to go walking this morning. Met a dog who had pretty blue eyes, and was mostly well trained...he got a little excited when he got pettings, but understood 'down'. Pretty sure he's still mostly puppy, but very well behaved. He wasn't on a leash, which had me a tad worried, but he came up to me all happy, and paused until I reached down, then he came up. So either very chill temperment, or very well trained for his age (guessing on the he). Otherwise walking was well, tiring. Sun is out and even though it wasn't quite 70 degrees, I felt warm. Did two laps and change and came home. Showered, got some food in me, watching 'Paranormal Witness'...bad choice of episode though, a Mom passing away at home. *twitch*

This evening I'm helping Amythest with Halloween party game prep, same with tomorrow afternoon before the party. Should be fun, even if my costume is fairly non-costumey. Yay for the Halloween weekend. Ok, going to call this a post. Catch you all later.

A Poe-etic Wednesday

Thoughts and stuff...I've had a active but quiet day. By the time I was supposed wake up, I'd already hit 5k steps. Tried to take a nap around noon, didn't really sleep, kind of just daydreamed. I've also gotten the mystery package (a spawning day gift of a plush octopus from a friend in Alaska), as well as my Kickstarter stuff from the 2015 HPLFF in another package. Yay things with tentacles.

I've also been on a Edgar Allan Poe movie marathon. I started with the Price/Corman version of 'Fall of the House of Usher'. I also finally found the 70's TV version of 'Fall of the House of Usher on You Tube (thank you Stan Lee), but I'm saving that for later tonight. I then watched 'The Raven' with John Cusack, which I enjoy, though I think Jeffrey Combes does a better Poe. Then there was the Full Moon version of 'Pit and the Pendulum', which is gory fun. I started to watch the aformentioned Combes' 'The Black Cat' but as much as love his acting, I can't handle the kitty torture in the show. (Even though I know it's all effects, it still hits me right in the animal lover). So I moved back to Corman/Price and 'The Tomb of Ligeia' which is what I'm currently watching. Gotta love Vincent Price. I'll probably watch the 70's Usher afterwards with dinner, and finish up with 'Elvira's Haunted Hills' which is equal parts hysterical and a loving tribute to the Corman Poe adaptations. Wasn't the plan for the day, but it's made for a good time. Or, make that 'Masque of the Red Death' after 'Tomb of Ligeia' as I need more Price/Corman. Oh well, I try to be flexible.

Hoping tonight will be some decent sleep. I'm hoping all the walking today will help. I was planning on working on the job hunt, but distraction and sleepyness one out. Tomorrow should be a normal day, so I'll get to work. Friday afternoon/evening is the Ufie Halloween Party, which should be fun. Beyond that I have no plans for the weekend. I have a vague thought to hermit on Halloween, we'll see if I do or not. For now thought, I'm going to enjoy more Poeness. Catch you all later.

Early Hump Day

Well poop. Had a rough evening. Found out the walking park I was planning to use was under construction, I did work out enough steps to make and pass goal. Came home to a miscommunication which pretty much tanked my mood. Went to bed at the usual time, reading my old copy of a Vlad Tepes biography. One of my original history addictions, comfort reading. I'd been listening to a podcast about Gilles de Rais so I was in the mood for historical nutjobs.

Slept soso, no dreams I remember, woke up about rhyme or reason, I'm just awake. Will probably fall over later. Otherwise, I have a package at the apartment complex office, wonder what it is? *yawn*

Made some resume progress yesterday...

Time passes

Sorry, I had a bright idea that since I was already up, I should go walking. So I went to a different park in town with a walking trail. Took some time to find it, I knew kind of where it was, but had to circle around it to get there. Nice enough, if dull path...1500 steps in a lap approximately, Did two and 1/3rd and came home. This should work alright, it's not too far from Château Innsmouth, and it's close to the highways so once I'm gainfully employed I can swing by there to do a lap or two before or after work on nice days without issues.

So back to the Desk of Doom (tm). Going to walk up to the office to get the mystery package, then later I should have another package. Yay preorders and long awaited Kickstarter least that's my assumptions. Rest of the day? Dunno, probably will work on job hunting foo and enjoy the cool air of the day. On that note, this is a long enough post. Catch you all later.

Another night, another set of weird dreams

This time I was being made to go back to the 'Pit, and so I went to Taco Bell and bought multiple large packs of tacos. *twitch* Now I'm frazzled and craving tacos. Ok brain, enough already.

Finished reading two books last night, one collection of Holmes/Mythos crossover pastiches and the latest Greig Beck supersoldier thriller, with extra tentacles. The Holmes book was a Spawning Day gift from Amythest, who really knows me well. *grin* Not sure what's next on the reading pike, thanks to giftcards I have a number of books to read, I need to rig up some kind of random book chooser I guess.

Otherwise, all I can really say is I'm here. I have stuff I need to do, and I'm twitching already. This should be fun. Need to finish this post, and tune out and make things happen. Dagon give me strength. Catch you all later, wish me luck and stuff

Monday Morning

Well, I had another rough night of overly active dreams, this one with a side of anxiety. But once I got up and got moving, I was mostly ok. Went to the apartment complex to get a package, and get the pet rent I've been paying for since Cassie passed on to Ulthar. Was less paperwork than I thought, and it will save me $15 a month. Then went to the mini Walmart to resupply my soda stock. Came home, and starting the rest of my day.

Rest of the day is chores I haven't done, some organizing, some computer foo, some website updates. The wild life of a Shoggoth Wrangler. On that note, I'll call this a post and get on with the day. Ciao cultists.

Sunday blahs

Still in mid mood swing. Even with a good Saturday activities. Saw 'Crimson Peak', saw friends I don't see all the time, hung out with Amythest post movie...still was wanting to hide at home. Came home fairly early, curled up in bed with books. Slept a lot last night, more dreams, not quite as overkill active. But same thing as yesterday, I woke up and got out of bed, and I just felt blah. Not any one thing, just blah. Cancelled on me and Amythest's usual Sunday hangout, she could tell in my voice I wasn't social. Best friends knowing me are very good things. So I'm just going to stay home today and hide. Books, tv shows about hauntings, things to make me relax.

Really don't have anything else to say. Guess I'll call this a post. Catch you all later.