Spawn of the Secret Agents

Happy Thursday people. Had a good night's sleep, pretty solid sleep. Finishing up with a dream of the crazy...

The dream was some kind of quasi-futuristic, post Cthulhu Singularity. I was part of a team of 3 agents, me as 'me', a special forces type, and a hacker who resembled Felicity Smoak from 'Arrow'. We were in London, I think, trying to stop some kind of breakthrough, which mostly meant running around town. All was well.

Except I wasn't a normal human, I was part 'Other' ala Wilbur Whateley. Which gave me certain extra physical and psychic abilities (and if I really went overboard, tentacles), but the more I used said abilities, the more bad things could happen. Plus it seemed my team didn't know the details of how I made stuff happen, so the revealing of said abilties led to a bit of tension "Why didn't you tell us you were a spawn of Yog-Sothoth !?!. You didn't ask!"

Weird little dream, but compared to some anxiety/stressor dreams I've had lately, this was pure fun. Well, minus the argument.

After the dream, I got up and got moving. Since I have plans for tonight, I decided to go walking this morning. Met a dog who had pretty blue eyes, and was mostly well trained...he got a little excited when he got pettings, but understood 'down'. Pretty sure he's still mostly puppy, but very well behaved. He wasn't on a leash, which had me a tad worried, but he came up to me all happy, and paused until I reached down, then he came up. So either very chill temperment, or very well trained for his age (guessing on the he). Otherwise walking was well, tiring. Sun is out and even though it wasn't quite 70 degrees, I felt warm. Did two laps and change and came home. Showered, got some food in me, watching 'Paranormal Witness'...bad choice of episode though, a Mom passing away at home. *twitch*

This evening I'm helping Amythest with Halloween party game prep, same with tomorrow afternoon before the party. Should be fun, even if my costume is fairly non-costumey. Yay for the Halloween weekend. Ok, going to call this a post. Catch you all later.

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