3 day weekend and books

(originally posted on the book of face)

Well it's Friday, it's payday. Got up before my work alarm would have woke me up. Got ready, did my run to Recycled Books. Timed it well, got to the door a minute before they opened the door. Got some old "Whispers" issues (or collections, not 100% sure), and a couple of books on books. Didn't stay all that long, didn't even go down to the basement to look at history. I think my inner collector was happy with the "Whispers", and the books on books were the cherries on the book hunting cake. Went from there to a local Lowes to return the drill I bought earlier this week. It's a good took, but that money is better spent elsewhere, especially after I figured out my little drill/screwdriver is good enough as long as I change the batteries fairly quick.

Got home right around 11, so instead of bumming around for an hour, I switched my PTO to 2 hours and logged in. A dev wanted to ask how much of a pain setting up a local ClamAV mirror would be for the devnet boxes. I said "Probably reading a page of documentation, going "oh I remember doing this." then setting it up. Only problem is I don't want to run it off a dev's machine, so I'll do it as part of Tuesday's work which includes throwing up a test box for my own use, which will include the mirror now. Gotta keep myself busy.

No wild 3 day weekend plans, well besides the fortnightly supply run. If my back and shoulder are up to it, I may do some reorganizing, but I say that every weekend I think. Shudder has "Slaxx" the killer jeans movie, which sounds like what the mad scientist ordered for tonight. Ok, I'll catch you lot later.

Almost a Year

Next Friday marks 1 year being mostly isolated. Last time I was out with a bunch of my friends. Time flies when life goes whackadoodle. Not going to dwell much on the last year, lets talk now. Tomorrow, I get my first COVID-19 vaccine. (may be the only, I honestly have no clue which one I'm getting). So not the end, but maybe a big waypoint? What will change in Vulpine's life? Very little, Still going to mask the same, still going to avoid crowds and interior social situations, unless both parties are vaccinated, and even then probably not often. Basically until the mortality/"Long Haul" rates drop and someone smarter than me says "Ok, you can do this now." And no, politicians don't count. Sucks, but I rather not get people sick, or kill them.

And starting this next work week, we take apart the Carcosa Corp datacenter. Nearly everything is migrated to 'The Cloud' (a term I loathe). So Monday I start shutting down things to see if we missed anything vital, then we start unracking things to be hauled off. I'm a little sad, I've spent half a decade dealing with that tiny DC (compared to The Shoggoth Pit). Going to be weird saying goodbye. On the other tentacle, will be nice to not have to drive into another county to fix things.

I had plans on other things to write, but yeah... I lost whatever they were. So I guess I'll call this a post. Ciao cultists.