Art…on a stick

Well, my Friday was mostly productive. Didn't get all the chores I wanted to do done, but enough to call it successful. Woke up today out of a series of weird/unpleasant dreams. Ok the Harry Potter/Lovecraft/Tolkien crossover was pretty cool. But the rest were classic Vulpine anxiety dreams. So I got up a little bit ago. Still kind of off feeling though. So I'll futz around Château Innsmouth, then off to look at art and watch zombies with Amythest and Nymaz later today. So maybe some reviews later on this weekend. Have a good Satyrday cultists.

Thank Cthulhu, a three day weekend

Took today off from Carcosa, time off in lieu for working on a MLK day. Internet died last night, so I went to bed to read my ARC of 'Winter Tide' by Ruthanne Emrys. (I won a raffle she did around Cthulhumas). I read about half of it last night, and I love it. Go Team Innsmouth!

I'm still recovering from tree pollen explosions, in theory the pollen should go away next week. I'm better, more functional, but still...this has been a hell year already.

Doing the chores I've ignored for weeks. So much laundry, picking up clutter and trash. Have some errands to run too, but I'm less interested in going out today. We'll see once the laundry is done.

That's about it for this post. I have stuff I want to write, but I rarely get creative when I'm at a keyboard. Maybe later. Until then, wish me luck and tentacles.

*insert amusing thing here*

I survived Friday night, ended up curing up with an old favorite book, "Nightmare's Disciple" by Joe Pulver. Stayed up later than planned, but that's ok. Went to sleep about 11, and pretty much stayed asleep til 9ish, with only a few wakeups. Still feeling ick, pollen count has jumped again. Really tired of the trees. Damn the Lorax *wink*

Me and Amythest had already decided that our plans for museuming today was not going to happen. So I made myself go out and get groceries while I still had tentacles. Got groceries, got a burger. Got home, took a shower and flooded my sinuses, which helped a little.

Was going to do the massive ton of laundry and chores if I didn't go be social today, but I don't think I'll get much more than some general pick up and organizing (which I've already done). So I've been at the computer, and watching 'Resident Evil' movies in prep for next weekend's release. I've finally gotten around to setting up Crashplan backups on Hydra, so time to watch all my files slowly back up. This is going to take forever, but just in case Château Innsmouth gets hit by a meteor while I'm not in it, I'll still have all my Mythos Multimedia.

I have thoughts I want to post about, but at the same time I'm pretty fuzzy brained today, so it may wait. I'll probably work some on trip foo, been reading fluffy computer articles and organizing files. Trying to avoid too much social media, though it looks like today was better than I worried. Hope it stays that way.

The rest of today, more movies, more taking it easy. I really hope this crap fades soon. Ok, catch you all later.

Remember when I said I was going to post a lot tonight…

Yeah, that's not going to happen. I was up to the wee hours due to the steroid shot, got about 6 hours of sleep. Felt alright through most of the day, then I hit a wall. Which would probably be the point where the steroid wore off. I'm tired, sniffily and tender again. So tonight will probably be a bad movie or to, some geekery, and early to bed with a book and a lot of meds. Was a good day, officially going to the Necronomicon in Providence in August. Paid for my registration, reserved a room at a local small hotel that looks quirky and fun. Now to find a good plane flight and I'm golden. Have some non-Lovecraft plans for while I'm in New England, I'll go into more details another time. For now, I'm calling it a day. May Cthulhu hold you gently in his tentacles.

Dealing with the upcoming weekend.

Quick post about tomorrow's Inauguration of the American POTUS-to-be. I'm going to be avoiding Facebook without a ton of filters in place, and probably twitter utterly. I'm going to go head down into work and try to knock out a bunch of stuff, then leave and depending on tentacle levels either take myself out for some 'Us' time, or come home and hermit and watch comfort movies, with the above mentioned filters. I have a possible idea of posting an imperial arseload of positive stuff, things I like, books I've enjoyed, the insanity of some of the podcasts I listen to. Kind of balance out the anger, the sadness, the stupidity that will fly.

So, do whatever you feel the need to do that gets you through the night (and hurts everyone, including yourself, the least). Prepare for me being as silly and weird as possible, filter if needed. And on Monday, back to work.

(Yes, this also means I won't be discussing any insanity. If you REALLY want my opinion, and you probably don't, email/message me, I may answer on Monday.)

And when things get weird…

Going to be a weird week for me. Most of the weekend was spent in some degree of sinus pain/pressure. Worked last night on some Carcosa Corp stuff, which wasn't bad, just took a while. Today came into work a tad late, but no random stuff being broke due to last night's work. I have bad luck with making late night changes that look fine, but in the cold light of day (and customer activity) you find the errors and mis-estimates. Not today, other than adjusting firewall rules to take the additional databases into account.

The weird starts with DR testing at work this week. I'm the guinea pig, as the new guy, I've been kind of deliberately kept in the dark, so when they hand me the documentation, we can see if there are flaws in it, that someone who's familiar with the process would just be able to fill in. We'll see how well this works. I'm kind of anxious because, hey, new situation. But it should be ok, or at least be educational.

I also have a friend going in for a what's supposed to be a minor surgical procedure. All should be ok, and it should be a day procedure. But of course, I'm twitchy. Don't like my friends in hospitals. *sigh*

Add in Friday's expected political insanity, I expect the internets to be utterly awash in hatred and anger. So I'll probably avoid much discussion, set filters to maximum, and maybe spend the weekend trying to translate the Voynich Manuscript. Or go to art museums and bookstores. Or binge on cheesy 80s horror movies. Or get on social media, and find 2000 more groups from all over the spectrum to block...

So this week will be a tad challenging. But there are perks. And books, and people who care. Oh yeah, and Cthulhu. Always good to have an eldritch monstrocity that drives you insane in your corner. So on that tentacled note, I'll ramble more later. I'm going to try to post more here, get back in my blogging habit, vs miniposts on Facebook.

General State of the Fox

I'm doing mostly ok mentally, the depression hole I fell into for the holidays has mostly passed. Just in time for my yearly asskicking DeathCold (tm). Was out of the office 2 days last week. At least this time it's not technically a DeathCold (tm), it's allergies of insane levels. I realized today, Texas is treating me like a foreign (of the damn Yankee variety) body, and it's using pollen as antibodies. No idea when I'll be back to 'normal'. The urge to flee the state and move somewhere without trees is strong. Greenland or Antarctica. *le sigh*

Work is good, I'm doing some upgrade foo Sunday night. Next week will be hopping. Second payday was today, yay income. Still like my coworkers a bunch, both my team and the groups we worth with. So that's a major plus. Slowly, but surely, the weird stressors from the Shoggoth Pit are fading.

In non-work stuff, I've been on a religion kick, mostly the minority sects of the Middle East (Yazidis, Zoroastrian, and other stuff I'd never heard of), as well as Gnostic foo. In my fuzzy brain I'm turning this stuff into head canon for Mythos, as I often do. I'll probably dig into Hermeticism in the future for much the same thing. NeoPlatonic Cthulhu Cultists, next on Fox. Waiting mostly patiently for a new book called 'Winter Tide' by Ruthanne Emrys. Things from the Deep Ones point of view, which I always appreciate. The first 5 chapters are online, as well as the first story in the series, The Litany of Earth. Go forth and do honor to Mother Hydra and Father Dagon.

Upcoming plans, some socializing with the Ufies tomorrow, Sunday will be Amythest time before the work that evening. After that, not a lot of real plans. Then it's mostly work and books and geekery til the summer. Then I'm going on my first cruise, from Seattle to Alaska, by way of Canada. Looking forward to a new adventure on the high seas. And if timing, job and finances work out, I'm also going to try to go to either the NecronomiCon in Providence, or back to the HPLFF in Portland. Yay traveling fun and games. And bookstores, I have them already picked out. *grin* Yeah, I have my priorities. And tonight's priority is finish my Friday the 13th mini-marathon, read stuff, and sleep in tomorrow. Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night.

New Year’s Post

Well, it's 2017. New year started, old year in the rearview mirror. The old year wasn't that horrid for me, minus the holiday near meltdown. Job has been good, and good for my coping skills. I wasn't nearly as social as usual this last year, nor have I done as much computer geekery as I used to. Still keeping up with the books and bad movies though.

As is traditional for New Years Day, I've spent today doing the things I want to have happen more of in the new year. So bad movies, buying books, petting cats (doing critter care for some friends that are out of town), sleeping in, and computer geeking. Hoping it leads to good and nifty things.

Last night I went to a comic/geek convention, didn't do much besides some shopping, hanging out with friends, and attempting to go to the 'parties' in the evening. Figured out that I've gotten old. At one I wanted to yell 'Turn that crap down', and at the VIP party I listened to a decent cover band get mangled by lousy sound engineering. I cut out around 11, to avoid the drunks in Dallas, but they were already out in force. Came home, watched the year roll over. I did manage to find the only Cthulhu stuff in the 'con. (A new dice game, that had cool tshirts, and a tshirt vendor who had a HPL shirt that I didn't own), and a movie producer who aims to recreate 50's B movies. So I had to get two. Was fun, but not really my kind of 'con. Nothing on the tracks caught my attention, and most everything was comics or Harry Potter. Oh well, not every convention can be the HPLFF.

Really no plans for tonight, besides continuing with my superstition. I'm off work tomorrow, and I'll spend most of it doing the chores I'm not doing today (laundry, cleaning, store run) Then it's back to work. I don't have any New Years resolutions, I'm weird and do resolutions around my Spawning Day.

So that's about it. I may do a review of 2016, or I may not. All depends on what I get done tomorrow, and how many tentacles I'm left with, along with how much I want to dive into the last year. Might be better to just aim forward. But on that note, hope it's a good year to everyone. Talk to you later.