Remember when I said I was going to post a lot tonight…

Yeah, that's not going to happen. I was up to the wee hours due to the steroid shot, got about 6 hours of sleep. Felt alright through most of the day, then I hit a wall. Which would probably be the point where the steroid wore off. I'm tired, sniffily and tender again. So tonight will probably be a bad movie or to, some geekery, and early to bed with a book and a lot of meds. Was a good day, officially going to the Necronomicon in Providence in August. Paid for my registration, reserved a room at a local small hotel that looks quirky and fun. Now to find a good plane flight and I'm golden. Have some non-Lovecraft plans for while I'm in New England, I'll go into more details another time. For now, I'm calling it a day. May Cthulhu hold you gently in his tentacles.

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