Dealing with the upcoming weekend.

Quick post about tomorrow's Inauguration of the American POTUS-to-be. I'm going to be avoiding Facebook without a ton of filters in place, and probably twitter utterly. I'm going to go head down into work and try to knock out a bunch of stuff, then leave and depending on tentacle levels either take myself out for some 'Us' time, or come home and hermit and watch comfort movies, with the above mentioned filters. I have a possible idea of posting an imperial arseload of positive stuff, things I like, books I've enjoyed, the insanity of some of the podcasts I listen to. Kind of balance out the anger, the sadness, the stupidity that will fly.

So, do whatever you feel the need to do that gets you through the night (and hurts everyone, including yourself, the least). Prepare for me being as silly and weird as possible, filter if needed. And on Monday, back to work.

(Yes, this also means I won't be discussing any insanity. If you REALLY want my opinion, and you probably don't, email/message me, I may answer on Monday.)