Thank Cthulhu, a three day weekend

Took today off from Carcosa, time off in lieu for working on a MLK day. Internet died last night, so I went to bed to read my ARC of 'Winter Tide' by Ruthanne Emrys. (I won a raffle she did around Cthulhumas). I read about half of it last night, and I love it. Go Team Innsmouth!

I'm still recovering from tree pollen explosions, in theory the pollen should go away next week. I'm better, more functional, but still...this has been a hell year already.

Doing the chores I've ignored for weeks. So much laundry, picking up clutter and trash. Have some errands to run too, but I'm less interested in going out today. We'll see once the laundry is done.

That's about it for this post. I have stuff I want to write, but I rarely get creative when I'm at a keyboard. Maybe later. Until then, wish me luck and tentacles.

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