And now…the post.

Well, when last I posted, I'd had a stressful week. The weekend before my spawning day was alright, had Egyptian food with Amythest and Nymaz, then stayed up massively late for work. Worked from home on my spawning day, still did stuff done. First year since 2000 that I didn't make a blog post on my Spawning Day. Felt weird. Work is keeping me busy, occasionally stressful but not bad.

This weekend was vegging at home on Friday night, Saturday being social with two sets of friends and a Half Price book raid. Today is...less perky. Sunday blahs + anniversary of Dad's passing = a day I really didn't want to do much. And I really haven't, store run this morning, repairing the Wordpress install today. I'll probably get the dishes done, and the bed made. But my nemesis, the laundry pile will stay probably. I think I have clothes enough for work...

In geek news, I moved my various domains' email to Google. Been having issues with mail getting blocked, and I'm tired of arguing with mail providers. So yeah, paying Google to manage most of it for me. Yeah, I know, I lose major geek points, but geeking has lost some of it's sparkle lately, since I do it all day long at work. Oh well. I still run mostly my own DNS and website foo still.

Still don't have details on how the TMS is going to work, need to give them a call tomorrow. Have a number of other things I need to deal with, but nothing that's an OMG emergency. Lots of books, finding new history foo to dive into, plus lots of Lovecraftian fiction, with a bunch more coming out in November. So many books...yay for me. Ok, calling this a post and going to go make some early dinner. Laters everyone.

And we’re back!

Well it took a bit of crazed database and XML hackery, but I've got the blog back up and running. Still have to finish up the bits and bobs, and work out a better backup solution. I'll have a real post in a while, but for now, yay me.

Hello from a week of stress

This week has been crazy amounts of stress for me. Between the news, sleep and dream issues, worrying about friends, and my usual anxiety, I've been what the cool kids call 'a hot mess'. I think it peaked on Thursday where I got so frustrated with a website/javascript that I actually made a loud snarling noise that coworkers thought was me about to murder a desktop tech. (Scared the tech too) Either than, or I invented a swear word in Enochian. (Damn angels don't curse all that much). Today started off better, but it didn't last. Of course now I'm home and safe. Watching 'Friday the 13th' movies as in traditional. Starting with the remake, then I'm not sure. We'll play it by hockey mask.

In brainmeats news, it seems my insurance is now willing to pay for most of the TMS treatment. That's part of the anxiety, trying not to get my hopes up in case A. insurance changes it's mind and B. It doesn't do any good. Like most mental health treatments it's a dice roll. But it would be effective, and who knows, it may also act like a Tillinghast Resonator from 'From Beyond'. Oh, that might end up having me eaten by a transdimensional monster. I'll let you know if anyone at the treatment looks like Barbara Crampton. *wink*

My spawning day is Tuesday. So, the quasi plan is to celebrate tomorrow with Amythest and Nymaz. (I also have to work Sat night/Sunday morning, so no really wild partying) I have to wort on the actual Spawning day, but I'm going to try to work from home that day. Next weekend I'll be hanging out with other friends. No big shindigs for me, trying to limit the social anxiety issues. So here's to getting older. I'd say like a fine wine, but I'm all cheese, baby.

So that's about it for this week. Wish me luck on a nice, fun weekend.

A Weekend of Films, Snacks, Tentacles and Books

So the home film Fest continues. Been watching mostly shorts, either the shorts from this years Fest, or shorts from the last three Fests. Which is the opposite of what I did last year, where it was all feature films for me. But the shorts are fun too, lots of ideas that couldn't be made into feature films. Makes sense, since a story that's 4 pages long requires quite a bit of padding to make into a 90 min film. Today was the last set of shorts from this year's fest, which had some of my favorites. I'm now watching 'In The Mouth of Madness' Maybe I'll watch another movie afterwards.

Besides tentacles, I've been eating pretty good. Various snacks, sushi last night for dinner (and breakfast), and chicken for lunch. Can't keep up the chanting on an empty stomach. Yay for food.

I also went on a book hunt today. Since I couldn't go to Powell's in Portland, I went to Recycled Books in Denton. Got a first edition of Colin Wilson's 'Space Vampires', and a couple of other things. Yeah, I know, my spawning day is coming up...but what's Lovecraftian Horror without looking for forbidden tomes in a strange bookstore ?

SO that's about it for this eldritch week of films and fun. Back to the mundane world tomorrow, with work and allergy shots and stuff. Oh well, such is life. Catch you all later.