A Weekend of Films, Snacks, Tentacles and Books

So the home film Fest continues. Been watching mostly shorts, either the shorts from this years Fest, or shorts from the last three Fests. Which is the opposite of what I did last year, where it was all feature films for me. But the shorts are fun too, lots of ideas that couldn't be made into feature films. Makes sense, since a story that's 4 pages long requires quite a bit of padding to make into a 90 min film. Today was the last set of shorts from this year's fest, which had some of my favorites. I'm now watching 'In The Mouth of Madness' Maybe I'll watch another movie afterwards.

Besides tentacles, I've been eating pretty good. Various snacks, sushi last night for dinner (and breakfast), and chicken for lunch. Can't keep up the chanting on an empty stomach. Yay for food.

I also went on a book hunt today. Since I couldn't go to Powell's in Portland, I went to Recycled Books in Denton. Got a first edition of Colin Wilson's 'Space Vampires', and a couple of other things. Yeah, I know, my spawning day is coming up...but what's Lovecraftian Horror without looking for forbidden tomes in a strange bookstore ?

SO that's about it for this eldritch week of films and fun. Back to the mundane world tomorrow, with work and allergy shots and stuff. Oh well, such is life. Catch you all later.

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