And now…the post.

Well, when last I posted, I'd had a stressful week. The weekend before my spawning day was alright, had Egyptian food with Amythest and Nymaz, then stayed up massively late for work. Worked from home on my spawning day, still did stuff done. First year since 2000 that I didn't make a blog post on my Spawning Day. Felt weird. Work is keeping me busy, occasionally stressful but not bad.

This weekend was vegging at home on Friday night, Saturday being social with two sets of friends and a Half Price book raid. Today is...less perky. Sunday blahs + anniversary of Dad's passing = a day I really didn't want to do much. And I really haven't, store run this morning, repairing the Wordpress install today. I'll probably get the dishes done, and the bed made. But my nemesis, the laundry pile will stay probably. I think I have clothes enough for work...

In geek news, I moved my various domains' email to Google. Been having issues with mail getting blocked, and I'm tired of arguing with mail providers. So yeah, paying Google to manage most of it for me. Yeah, I know, I lose major geek points, but geeking has lost some of it's sparkle lately, since I do it all day long at work. Oh well. I still run mostly my own DNS and website foo still.

Still don't have details on how the TMS is going to work, need to give them a call tomorrow. Have a number of other things I need to deal with, but nothing that's an OMG emergency. Lots of books, finding new history foo to dive into, plus lots of Lovecraftian fiction, with a bunch more coming out in November. So many books...yay for me. Ok, calling this a post and going to go make some early dinner. Laters everyone.