Friday Fhtagnness

Well, the second week of Carcosa Corp is over. Lots of meetings over the last couple of days, still getting all my ducks in a row. My workload is increasing, but I'm also getting more used to the pacing. Test on a development box and verify it works in general, then test on a staging server, and let the developers verify it does what they want, on the same exact config as production. Then schedule an update during a window and verify again. It's very different than what I'm used to, but then again this is a whole different ball of wax. I keep saying that, and it's starting to sink in. Next week I get to play cable monkey, but I'm only tracing patch cables and moving them from one switch to another. Again, not my choice of fun, but I feel more motivated here, and not just for the moneys, but because I like my coworkers. That's pretty good motivation.

Speaking of monies, I got paid yesterday, paper check. That's...different. (direct deposit should kick in in a week or two). Not quite a full week, but a nice chunk of change. Mostly either going to pad the savings, or pay down credit cards. Going to spoil myself a little too, a smidge. *grin* I deserve it.

Tonight is watching 'The Thing' (both the 1982 and the recent prequel), updating stuff, fixing some stuff for a friend of mine, general tinkering. How to relax on a Friday when you're a geek. Tomorrow is adulting during the day, and visiting some friends I haven't seen in too long in the evening. Fun fun fun. Then next week it's back to work, and getting stuff in order. Go me! And on that note, I'm calling this a post. Catch you all later.

Mid Week Update

Few days into week two at Carcosa Corp. Things are still mostly good, there are some 'meh' things, but nothing that will normally stick in my head. Trying to squeegee them out of the brainmeats. Nothing to worry about...if I compared the stressors to late era Shoggoth Pitness, it's a whole different, sunny world. With grilled cheese whenever I want them. *wink* (ok referring to Carcosa as 'sunny' is kind of odd, even if it has two suns)

Outside of Carcosa, not much has been going on. Sleeping pretty ok, especially getting up early (for me). I get a good chunk of down time between leaving work and bed time, so I can read or watch TV/movies. Once I get settled to the schedule, I'll probably start occasionally being social during the work week. Eventually. Today I felt going to Wally World was big enough of a challenge.

That's about it for today/this week so far. I am looking forward to the weekend. Down time and social time in equal measure, with a side of laundry. For now, I'll finish watching Egyptology shows, grab a shower and hide in the land of books. Catch you all later.

Saturday Stuff

Well Saturday has been a tad more mixed emotionally. Slept soso, woke up early, before 10. (Early for a Saturday at least). Got up, decided I would be semi-social and go see Star Wars VII with some friends again. Since I had time to kill, I decided to watch episode VI. Figured out the big celebration scene at the end = emotional rollercoaster for me lately, seems every time I've seen it lately, I've teared up or cried. Not sad, but emotional. Had a nice cry, then got a couple of errands done, and headed to the theater.

I enjoyed VII as much as the first time, it's not a perfect movie, but none of the Star Wars movies are perfect. I saw a lot more easter eggs, and I appreciated the characters, both old and new more. Favorite is still Poe Dameron (or as I say in my head Edgar Allan Poe-Dameron), but I've always wanted to fly a X-Wing. Plus he's what the prequel trilogy needed, someone with a bit of swagger in them. After the movie I had to take off, needed to drop some stuff off with Amythest. When I left the theater my anxiety spiked up, and my moodyness reared it's head. No reason, unlike the stressors at work. But, I took my happy pill, and skipped out on the errands I had originally planned for post movie. Now I'm home. Going to take it easy for tonight, finish up the VM updates, probably going to stick to watching movies tonight. There's a new horror flick on demand, 'Jeruzalem' which is the first Israeli horror movie I think I've heard of (though there has to be more). Probably will go to head with book fairly early, like last night. Catch you all later.

A week in review

It's Friday night, and I've survived my first week at Carcosa Corp. Today was another decent day, finished up that Exchange issue, well it's pending the people who are going to use it testing it, but it worked for me. Had one meeting and one conf call, where I got to see some of the virtual guts of the setup. I forget how much stuff you can monitor with Cacti besides network stats. Day went by pretty quick, I turned in my hours to both my manager and to the staffing firm (guess they need a name too). Left at 5, came home, made a quick lazy dinner and have been watching movies.

So, one week. So what's the verdict? It's different. If there was a scale of corpness, with a company run by Discordians on one end, and the Laundry on the other...well the Shoggoth Pit would be about 1/3rd of the way on the curve towards utterly random, and Carcosa is about 2/3rds of the way towards Bob Howard's average days. This is _not_ a complaint, I keep saying this, but it's just not what I'm used to. Also, the pacing is different. For years, if I was asked 'What have you done?', I'd have to come up with a laundry list of tickets and issues I solved to be ok. Carcosa is slower paced, with more double and triple checks, meetings to make sure that everyone is on the same page. So instead of leaping to fix a problem, and later figuring out that the fix was something else, they test, they research, and they have the infrastructure setup so that unless things are really buggered, we think twice, fix once. I think once I stop feeling the urge to go 110mph, I'll be comfortable. Also, my team are a fun bunch, and the other people I've interacted with so far are pretty friendly. There's a cafetera downstairs that's pretty decent, and I don't mind hanging out with my coworkers, vs my usual sitting at my desk in a book. Plus the 15 min commute doesn't hurt.

So long paragraph short, I like this place. I'm sure there will be things that get on my nerves, but that's life. And I don't want to get too attached, as it is a 6 month contract. We'll see how things go.

Otherwise, things are pretty kosher. I've lost a couple of pounds, I'm sleeping less but not having crazy times waking up. Less Code Red, and less snacking. I haven't been walking much, but I'm still moving around a bunch, and I added a notification on my workstation to remind me to get up and move around every hour. All good things. So, I'm going to have a nice relaxing weekend, and I'll catch you all later.

New job has an offical pseudonym

Well, the job has an official nickname. 'Carcosa Corporation' Not for any bad reasons, but because of a flood of King in Yellow references lately in my life. (New book edited by Joe Pulver, audiobook given to me by Amanda Downum, watching 'True Detective' the day of the phone interview). No one walks around in a pallid mask or in ragged yellow robes...but it is only the first week. Expect a real post in a while about my first week. *waves tentacles*

Day Three at #newjob

Day three was alright. Got some stuff setup, did 90% of an exchange foo change, we were unable to test it due to bigger issues coming up at the end of the day. First real experience with Powershell, I'm pretty sure it will make more sense than the Windows GUI to me. Also started reading up on Ansible, which they use. No cables, which is a plus.

Came home after a quick store run, had to deal with Aetna insurance, which has upped my stress level. I feel like yelling at people, but I was good and didn't scream at the CS person. It should be fixed, well for January. Then I have to call back in Feb, then maybe in March will the autobilling be fixed. *facetentacle*

Oh well, it's done. Tomorrow is Friday, Friday good. No real plans for the weekend, I think I'll mostly be at home and vegging. It's not been a bad week, just so much change. And on that, I'm going to change into a pumpkin. Night gang.

Day Two at #newjob

Day two was alright. A little harder to wake up, work itself was mostly ok. Two meetings, more tinkering with Outlook/Exchange, and a case of the flashbacks. One of the other admins asked me if I could help him with something...

Can I help run some cable?


As most of you will recall, I hate running cable. Least favorite task by far. But, Admin#2 is a nice guy, and it's day 2, so I put on my positive face and we got to work. First time I've run cable under a raised floor. Had flashbacks to 'Aliens' when I had to stick my head under the floor to hand off cable. Neither of us were having fun, so we snarked about it, something I couldn't do with exboss #1 at the Pit. I did have a few ouchies, once was I was further under the floor than I thought, and I felt stuck and claustrophobia said hi. I also leaned wrong on my rib cage, and one of my ribs shifted. Owowow. Not a break, not even a bruise, just...shift = ow. Oh well, we got them done. And while it wasn't what I wanted to do, it was good to be helpful, and to have tricks up my sleeve that made things easier. Oh yeah, and duct tape is great to block where cable was hanging up. I have mad improv skills.

I left closer to 5, was chatting with coworkers. Got a little turned around trying to get to the road home, tried to find a new route. Oh well, I'm home now. Package waiting at the apartment office, and a note from some of my favorite Cthulhu folks. Going to watch some brain candy tv, eat some dinner and probably go to bookland early.

Weekend plans are to pretty much be a bum around Château Innsmouth. I need to probably do a major store run...I keep wanting to do it after work, but again I'm drained (and sore). Not that I'm _needing_ anything emergency wise, I'm just running low on stuff. Maybe tomorrow or Friday, or this weekend. We'll see. Ok, going to call this a post. Catch you all later.

First day at $newjob

First day, and like most firsts, it was kind of challenging. I slept ok, got up on time without issues, stopped by the store to grab a soda and a notepad, since I didn't have any, and got to work on time. Badge to get into the building wasn't setup, but the Project Manager for my group was in, so I got in. (I should get my badge tomorrow). Had foo with my workstation, but our desktop support guy worked out a fix, and later figured out it was an image install issue. Nice workstation, i5, 8 gigs of ram, 3 monitors (one 4x3, 2 widescreen). Windows, but that's expected.

Day went by fairly quick, two meetings, one ticket pseudo assigned to me to do research on, lunch with the two other admins and the PM, and much arguing with Outlook and Exchange and SMB, fixed the SMB, gave up on the mail issues after I was there late waiting on Exchange to make up it's mind after the 3rd attempt. Came home, now I'm writing this... mostly to get things out of my skull.

The job will be...challenging for me. Not the work itself specifically, though I expect that to have it's own challenges. It's the fact that this company is run very 'Big Business', and I'm used to 'Small Business'. I'm used to fixing my own systems, installing my own software, dealing with issues on the fly, etc. New company is more structured, more belief in meetings and accountability and...general structure. This isn't bad, actually it's I haven't worked like this in over a decade. It's just a little anxiety inducing to look at things their way. Luckily, I have meds for that. And I have good coworkers, and good support people (aka you guys). It will be ok. Just have to work on that being flexible thing.

So, that's day 1. I'm going to go nuke my leftover Chinese food, watch something silly, take a hot shower and crash. Catch you all tomorrowesque, when Vulpine has his first 'Stand Up' meeting.

Tomorrow it begins

Last day before I start at new job. Plan was to get up early to help set my sleep schedule. Instead I slept in under blankets. Got up after a loud thump from upstairs. My neighbors worry me some days.

I'm chilling out at home, watching 'Silence of the Lambs' right now. Not sure what else I'll do today. May continue with the Hannibal the Cannibal run, may start some other comfort flicks.

I'm probably going to be pretty disconnected for the upcoming week, at least compared to the last while. I'll probably post stuff at night when I get done with the work day, but I don't know how caught up I'll get online. Trying to keep with being professional and stuff.

Otherwise, I've kind of given myself a mulligan on this week for goals and stuff. The focus is the job, and taking care of myself post job. Not much else to say right now. Going to be quiet and calm and hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly.

Brain musings

Random musings. Hung out and watched 'Dragon Blade' (among other movies) with friends today. Learned something, the random death-rattlish noise I make when history is violated loudly amuses people to no end. It seems Crassus' army went east along the Silk Road, fought another Roman army with the help of the Chinese, the Huns, and other related nations... and were then rescued by the Parthians. The above mentioned friends laughed themselves silly at each noise of horror. Besides history fails, it was a fun enough Jackie Chan fight fest. Just forget everything you know about the late Roman Republic.

I realized a few days ago that it's been 4 months since I quit the Shoggoth Pit. And the next time that I plan to leave a job, don't do it in the beginning of Fall. Too many things to distract a fox from job hunting. Of course, after 12 years at the Pit, I probably need 4 months to recover.

I'm at the moment equal parts nervous and excited about Tuesday. If I think about it for any length of time I get more anxious, but that's me thinking of all the ways I can mess things up. Ahh, low self esteem, thou art a pain in the arse.

I'm also alternating planning upgrades to the Château Innsmouth network, specifically I want to replace my three old Dell FP2001 monitors with something new. But that's a decent chunk of change, and really I shouldn't spend the money til it's more of a requirement than a want. To get what I really want would also require a video card upgrade, and then it just seems to spiral into throwing more money at 'the perfect system'. I'm trying to keep myself from thinking about it, at least til after Ubuntu 16.04 LTS comes out later this year, and I see what all changes. Plus by then, I'll have a better idea how the joblife will be, and if coughing up funds will be a viable plan.

I think I'm in the middle of reading about 10 different books. History and horror, sci fi and such. Tentacles everywhere. Oh yeah, and a King in Yellow themed audiobook while driving. That's pretty good, good enough that I bought the ebook version so I could check spelling and word choice where the audiobook reader was...unclear. Aklo is a hard language for people to speak *wink* (for the confused, Aklo is one of the eldritch languages used in Mythos fiction, it's originally from Arthur Machen's fiction). But the multiple books is due to a severe lack of focus, I'll read a chapter or two of one, then switch to something else, Or a short story in a collection. And when in doubt, the history of Ancient Syria is nice and dry...*drumroll*

I'm exhausted right now, but I started a load of dishes and have 'The Resurrected' playing, so I'll be up for a while longer. Slept badly, dreams of bizarro world version of a friend, and other uncomfortable bits. Hope I sleep better when I do go to bed in a while. Tomorrow when I wake up is the usual Sunday. Yay Amythest time. Then Monday will either be doing all the things, or doing nothing. We'll see. For now, I think I've got most of my odd thoughts out of my skuill. Will catch you later, probably with a much shorter post. Ciao.