Day Two at #newjob

Day two was alright. A little harder to wake up, work itself was mostly ok. Two meetings, more tinkering with Outlook/Exchange, and a case of the flashbacks. One of the other admins asked me if I could help him with something...

Can I help run some cable?


As most of you will recall, I hate running cable. Least favorite task by far. But, Admin#2 is a nice guy, and it's day 2, so I put on my positive face and we got to work. First time I've run cable under a raised floor. Had flashbacks to 'Aliens' when I had to stick my head under the floor to hand off cable. Neither of us were having fun, so we snarked about it, something I couldn't do with exboss #1 at the Pit. I did have a few ouchies, once was I was further under the floor than I thought, and I felt stuck and claustrophobia said hi. I also leaned wrong on my rib cage, and one of my ribs shifted. Owowow. Not a break, not even a bruise, just...shift = ow. Oh well, we got them done. And while it wasn't what I wanted to do, it was good to be helpful, and to have tricks up my sleeve that made things easier. Oh yeah, and duct tape is great to block where cable was hanging up. I have mad improv skills.

I left closer to 5, was chatting with coworkers. Got a little turned around trying to get to the road home, tried to find a new route. Oh well, I'm home now. Package waiting at the apartment office, and a note from some of my favorite Cthulhu folks. Going to watch some brain candy tv, eat some dinner and probably go to bookland early.

Weekend plans are to pretty much be a bum around Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth. I need to probably do a major store run...I keep wanting to do it after work, but again I'm drained (and sore). Not that I'm _needing_ anything emergency wise, I'm just running low on stuff. Maybe tomorrow or Friday, or this weekend. We'll see. Ok, going to call this a post. Catch you all later.

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