First day at $newjob

First day, and like most firsts, it was kind of challenging. I slept ok, got up on time without issues, stopped by the store to grab a soda and a notepad, since I didn't have any, and got to work on time. Badge to get into the building wasn't setup, but the Project Manager for my group was in, so I got in. (I should get my badge tomorrow). Had foo with my workstation, but our desktop support guy worked out a fix, and later figured out it was an image install issue. Nice workstation, i5, 8 gigs of ram, 3 monitors (one 4x3, 2 widescreen). Windows, but that's expected.

Day went by fairly quick, two meetings, one ticket pseudo assigned to me to do research on, lunch with the two other admins and the PM, and much arguing with Outlook and Exchange and SMB, fixed the SMB, gave up on the mail issues after I was there late waiting on Exchange to make up it's mind after the 3rd attempt. Came home, now I'm writing this... mostly to get things out of my skull.

The job will be...challenging for me. Not the work itself specifically, though I expect that to have it's own challenges. It's the fact that this company is run very 'Big Business', and I'm used to 'Small Business'. I'm used to fixing my own systems, installing my own software, dealing with issues on the fly, etc. New company is more structured, more belief in meetings and accountability and...general structure. This isn't bad, actually it's I haven't worked like this in over a decade. It's just a little anxiety inducing to look at things their way. Luckily, I have meds for that. And I have good coworkers, and good support people (aka you guys). It will be ok. Just have to work on that being flexible thing.

So, that's day 1. I'm going to go nuke my leftover Chinese food, watch something silly, take a hot shower and crash. Catch you all tomorrowesque, when Vulpine has his first 'Stand Up' meeting.

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