Day Three at #newjob

Day three was alright. Got some stuff setup, did 90% of an exchange foo change, we were unable to test it due to bigger issues coming up at the end of the day. First real experience with Powershell, I'm pretty sure it will make more sense than the Windows GUI to me. Also started reading up on Ansible, which they use. No cables, which is a plus.

Came home after a quick store run, had to deal with Aetna insurance, which has upped my stress level. I feel like yelling at people, but I was good and didn't scream at the CS person. It should be fixed, well for January. Then I have to call back in Feb, then maybe in March will the autobilling be fixed. *facetentacle*

Oh well, it's done. Tomorrow is Friday, Friday good. No real plans for the weekend, I think I'll mostly be at home and vegging. It's not been a bad week, just so much change. And on that, I'm going to change into a pumpkin. Night gang.

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