Friday Fhtagnness

Well, the second week of Carcosa Corp is over. Lots of meetings over the last couple of days, still getting all my ducks in a row. My workload is increasing, but I'm also getting more used to the pacing. Test on a development box and verify it works in general, then test on a staging server, and let the developers verify it does what they want, on the same exact config as production. Then schedule an update during a window and verify again. It's very different than what I'm used to, but then again this is a whole different ball of wax. I keep saying that, and it's starting to sink in. Next week I get to play cable monkey, but I'm only tracing patch cables and moving them from one switch to another. Again, not my choice of fun, but I feel more motivated here, and not just for the moneys, but because I like my coworkers. That's pretty good motivation.

Speaking of monies, I got paid yesterday, paper check. That's...different. (direct deposit should kick in in a week or two). Not quite a full week, but a nice chunk of change. Mostly either going to pad the savings, or pay down credit cards. Going to spoil myself a little too, a smidge. *grin* I deserve it.

Tonight is watching 'The Thing' (both the 1982 and the recent prequel), updating stuff, fixing some stuff for a friend of mine, general tinkering. How to relax on a Friday when you're a geek. Tomorrow is adulting during the day, and visiting some friends I haven't seen in too long in the evening. Fun fun fun. Then next week it's back to work, and getting stuff in order. Go me! And on that note, I'm calling this a post. Catch you all later.

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