Monday ramblings

Week three has started. I had a major case of the insecures about if I could do a good enough job at Carcosa. No specific reason, just me being insecure. Do not like, but it's part of my messed up brain meats. Hopefully as time passes I'll be less twitchy.

Saturday and Sunday I was social. Saturday I visited some friends, introduced them to 'Deathgasm' and was entertained by kitties. Sunday was laundry, NCIS episodes (almost caught up), and me taking Amythest and Nymaz out to dinner as a late celebration of gainful employment. We went to local hibachi place, so dinner and a show. Had sushi as well, my usual yellowtail, eel, and as is my habit, I orded something new to me, tamagoyaki (chicken egg omelette). Oh that was good, very sweet and eggy. Definitely will be adding it to my usual orders. The hibachi was pretty good, tasty. Added to my 'try new things' zuchini. I'm not a veggie fan, but it was ok. Wouldn't go out of my way to have it, nor would I turn my nose at it either. Was fun in general, got to hang out with my bestest buddies. Oh yeah, and I fixed Amythest's Windows issue before I packed up my laundry and headed home.

Work was well, work. Once I got there and got moving my anxiety and feelings of 'imposter syndrome' went away. Got two good walks in, got the keys to a few more things, as well as SOP for fixing some things. Was going to go by the store after work, but by the time I drove by I just wanted to go straight home. So I did. I'll be surprised if I'm not in bed by 7:30. So hope everyone is doing ok, and I'll ramble later on this week.

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