Mid Week Update

Few days into week two at Carcosa Corp. Things are still mostly good, there are some 'meh' things, but nothing that will normally stick in my head. Trying to squeegee them out of the brainmeats. Nothing to worry about...if I compared the stressors to late era Shoggoth Pitness, it's a whole different, sunny world. With grilled cheese whenever I want them. *wink* (ok referring to Carcosa as 'sunny' is kind of odd, even if it has two suns)

Outside of Carcosa, not much has been going on. Sleeping pretty ok, especially getting up early (for me). I get a good chunk of down time between leaving work and bed time, so I can read or watch TV/movies. Once I get settled to the schedule, I'll probably start occasionally being social during the work week. Eventually. Today I felt going to Wally World was big enough of a challenge.

That's about it for today/this week so far. I am looking forward to the weekend. Down time and social time in equal measure, with a side of laundry. For now, I'll finish watching Egyptology shows, grab a shower and hide in the land of books. Catch you all later.

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