Brain musings

Random musings. Hung out and watched 'Dragon Blade' (among other movies) with friends today. Learned something, the random death-rattlish noise I make when history is violated loudly amuses people to no end. It seems Crassus' army went east along the Silk Road, fought another Roman army with the help of the Chinese, the Huns, and other related nations... and were then rescued by the Parthians. The above mentioned friends laughed themselves silly at each noise of horror. Besides history fails, it was a fun enough Jackie Chan fight fest. Just forget everything you know about the late Roman Republic.

I realized a few days ago that it's been 4 months since I quit the Shoggoth Pit. And the next time that I plan to leave a job, don't do it in the beginning of Fall. Too many things to distract a fox from job hunting. Of course, after 12 years at the Pit, I probably need 4 months to recover.

I'm at the moment equal parts nervous and excited about Tuesday. If I think about it for any length of time I get more anxious, but that's me thinking of all the ways I can mess things up. Ahh, low self esteem, thou art a pain in the arse.

I'm also alternating planning upgrades to the Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth network, specifically I want to replace my three old Dell FP2001 monitors with something new. But that's a decent chunk of change, and really I shouldn't spend the money til it's more of a requirement than a want. To get what I really want would also require a video card upgrade, and then it just seems to spiral into throwing more money at 'the perfect system'. I'm trying to keep myself from thinking about it, at least til after Ubuntu 16.04 LTS comes out later this year, and I see what all changes. Plus by then, I'll have a better idea how the joblife will be, and if coughing up funds will be a viable plan.

I think I'm in the middle of reading about 10 different books. History and horror, sci fi and such. Tentacles everywhere. Oh yeah, and a King in Yellow themed audiobook while driving. That's pretty good, good enough that I bought the ebook version so I could check spelling and word choice where the audiobook reader was...unclear. Aklo is a hard language for people to speak *wink* (for the confused, Aklo is one of the eldritch languages used in Mythos fiction, it's originally from Arthur Machen's fiction). But the multiple books is due to a severe lack of focus, I'll read a chapter or two of one, then switch to something else, Or a short story in a collection. And when in doubt, the history of Ancient Syria is nice and dry...*drumroll*

I'm exhausted right now, but I started a load of dishes and have 'The Resurrected' playing, so I'll be up for a while longer. Slept badly, dreams of bizarro world version of a friend, and other uncomfortable bits. Hope I sleep better when I do go to bed in a while. Tomorrow when I wake up is the usual Sunday. Yay Amythest time. Then Monday will either be doing all the things, or doing nothing. We'll see. For now, I think I've got most of my odd thoughts out of my skuill. Will catch you later, probably with a much shorter post. Ciao.

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