Happy Slump Day

Still not feeling good, last night was broken sleep, finally gave up on the whole trying to sleep thing about 5am. I'm icky feeling, coughing and generally off. Luckily I had no hard plans for today. So I queued up 'Mr Robot'. Clinical depressive security admin with issues and a mild case of the Innsmouth look, definitely interesting show. Needs more geek, less drama. But well, drama sells TV. And it's not bad.

Otherwise I've tinkered with a few things, got my external backup drives all together, so if something horrible happens, I can still walk out with all my data. Things geeks worry about. Fixed a few glitches I've been meaning to poke at. Nice when I can make stuff work.

Rest of the week? We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Oh that reminds me *throws more stuff at the resume buzzword pile* Nothing else really to say. Catch you all later, have a good day.

Icky Tuesday

And it's Tuesday. Had another rough night, didn't feel good before bed, had crazy dreams all night. One dream that involved me triggering explosives before other people could be hurt, that was odd. Got up on time, took a little bit to get moving, but I was out the door to go walking at 11. Did around 4k steps, but I was dragging by the end and not feeling good. I think I got a snoot full of dust moving stuff yesterday, and my allergies are in overdrive.

I need to go to the store later, once I'm feeling human. I'm also throwing buzzwords into a txt file, skills I have. I'm going to dig into other job postings that I don't necessarily want to apply for, but to see how they word skill requests. Though I'm seriously wondering about 'Ninja like skills' in requests. Does this mean I have to show up to the interview in full black, climb in though the ventilation ducts and kill other applicants with shuriken to the temple ? We'll see.

Not much else to say about today. I'll get the shopping done, I'll write up more of my skill set. Hopefully I feel better soon, and things swing back up. Catch you all later.

Monday Foo

Well it's Monday. Had a rough night's sleep, got up and was lacking in tentacles. Bummed around the house, did the usual chores. Met up with Amythest around 4ish to move stuff in her storage unit, wasn't a lot of stuff, but neither of us were feeling terribly spry. Got done after about an hour, and I headed for home. Did manage to get goal for steps, with all the stuff I moved around. My back is killing me though. Really have to stop helping people move, I'm getting too old for this shite.

Tonight I'm just going to take it easy, hopefully get to bed and actually sleep at a decent hour tonight. Definitely not feeling my best right now. Oh well, I will survive. *waves tentacles* Catch you all tomorrow.

Upcoming Plans

So as I said in last post, this next week starts the transition to job hunting mode. Note the words 'start' and 'transition'. I'm still in the moderately freaked out mode about job hunting. So instead of my original plan to basically flip a switch tomorrow, I'm going to ease into it. Start with getting back in the habit of waking up (and going to bed) at the same time every day. Start writing the resume, go shopping for interview clothes, etc. I also need to call my 401k company and get that moved. Also keep to my walking routine, and the daily chores, and more reading on my down time, and more water drinking than anything else. Sticking to the Plan 2.0, post staycation stuff.

So, I'll work on resume, and on ironing out what my actual skillset is. I've looked at random postings that are vaguely in my field, and I'm reminded of crazy things I've worked on in the past. (I've also noted that if I already had Secret level security clearance, well there's a lot of network jobs out there that require preexisting clearance. Odd.) I also need to continue on my experiments, especially Puppet. I also think there will be a crash course in Python or Ruby in my future, given how many times those have popped up. But getting the resume together is the big thing. Then getting it 'peer reviewed', then handing it off to my geek friends (In DFW only though, I'm not wanting to migrate). Then start stalking the job postings out there...

Which, as I said, will take some time. And I'm not going from 0 to 60, I don't think my anxiety is up for that. On the other tentacle, I don't want to stall too long either. I have the finances for an extended leave, but I don't want to be an idiot about it, as I have done in the past. So we'll see how I do. One day at a time, one tentacle in front of another. *sigh* I can do this. Ok, that's enough rambling for today. Catch you all later.

Sunday with ferrets and stuff

Besides Cthulhu eating the Moon, it's been a mostly ok Sunday. Had odd dreams of friends driving by in sportscars, and trying to set up a colony on another world, which is probably due to watching 'Pandorum' last night. Got up, got moving, headed down to Amythest's. Started laundry, and then I worked with Amythest on giving the ferret cage a major cleaning. We decided that ferret poop makes a fair substitute for cement. Then we ran some errands, Walmart run and then...the petstore.

Amythest's ferret Apollo has been down in the dumps since Shadow passed, he's always had his big brother there. So the idea was she was going to bring home another feezle. Simple plan. So of course, there's two adorable tiny kits at the petstore. One white/butterscotch, and the other the darkest sable either of us had ever seen. And they were adorable, and sweet, and bitey (Kit ferrets tend to bite pretty hard on humans, they haven't learned that humans are sensitive. But we're both used to it.) So she ended up coming home with two ferrets. Color me shocked. They were named before we got out of the store, Frik and Frak. (after the Swiss skaters, not any relation to Battlestar Galactica slang) Frik is the white guy, and Frak is the sable. Got them home, introduced them to Apollo, who proceeded to follow them around sniffing them constantly. No fighting, though Frik seems to be easily startled and vocal about it. So yay for social weaselness. No pictures, sorry...but ferrets are hard to photograph at the best of times, and kits are double trouble. I'll try next visit though.

Then I finished up laundry, and we watched a few episodes of NCIS to try to catch up. Came home, been poking my head out every little while to look at the Moon. It's at about middle eclipse right now, and it's a weird pale red color, nifty. A good ending to a mostly snazzy Sunday, minus some emotional foo (miss my ferret gang) and some anxiety early today. Tomorrow starts the transition to job hunting mode. Which will probably be another post in fairly short order. Hope everyone had a good day, and I'll babble more later.

Get your ass to Mars

Yay for Saturday. Slept better, weird dreams but nothing bad. Got up and got moving. Decided today needed a movie theme, so it's movies set on Mars, hence the post subject. Call it a warm up for the 'The Martian' being released next week. So I'm starting with 'Total Recall', the Arnold original. Beyond the movies, I have a couple of chores to do, but mostly today I'm aiming for downtime and vegging.

Not a lot else, I'm kind of tired, and a little low. Not very, just a tad. Hoping today will be a restful recovery day. Maybe with a nap. I dunno. Not much else to say, catch you all later.

Hermit night

Went to Amythest's school this afternoon, the kids had a half day, but she was still working on her classroom and needed some company. So I got her to laugh, helped her rearrange some stuff and we were going to meet up with Nymaz to move school stuff in storage to a smaller storage unit. That didn't work out, seems the smaller unit won't be available til Monday. But I'm available for labor on Monday after school hours, so it wasn't a crisis of any kind. So the three of us went to dinner, some bbq place that happened to also serve burgers (I'm that rare person who doesn't like the stuff). We talked, and made silly comments and generally improved all our moods. We're good that way.

We parted ways, they were off to see some silly movie, and I was down to my last social tentacle. So I came home, and I'm probably not leaving Château Innsmouth in the next 30 hours or so. I was tempted to go to a local scifi con tomorrow, visit some friends I rarely see, but I don't think I'm up for crowds and socializing. So I think I'll just stay home, putter around the house and do calming stuff.

Mood is better than earlier, still not great though. Going to treat tonight like a usual Friday night, stay up late, watch cheesy movies, update virtual machines, etc. Hopefully I can reset the down fleeing of the last few days. I've also decided that while I'm going to work on job hunting next week, I'm also giving myself more down time, get back into things slower than originally planned. I kind of have to, otherwise there will be a panic-fest in short order. We'll see how things go. For now though, I'm only planning tonight and tomorrow. For now though, I'll catch you all later. *waves a quiet tentacle*

Yesterday was not a good day

Amythest's ferret Shadow passed away yesterday. It wasn't expected, we went to let the feezles play, and he was gone. Poor little guy. And poor us. He may not have been 'my' ferret, but I loved him just the same. Her other ferret, Apollo is fine. Rest in peace dear Shadow, you will be missed.

Not much else to say. I came home last night and pretty much went directly to book. Sleep was broken, got up a little while ago. Going to be helping Amythest with moving stuff later today. Not exactly what I wanted to do today, but need to help the friends.

So yeah, not in a good mental place today. Not making plans for the weekend since all I really want to do is hide out right now. We'll see what happens. For now, I'll just hide out at home til it's time to labor. Catch you all later.

Naval gazing, and the naval gazes back

Well, it's been a quiet afternoon. Went and got my meds and a couple of things from the store...and ran into an ex-coworker. Seems they hired someone to replace me, they were interviewing before I left. No one has been touching the abuse queue, but otherwise it's been ok. I'll freely admit I was hoping for a 'Oh gods, the walls are falling down!!!'. My ego could have used that, but the universe doesn't revolve around me.

I've been kind of off since then. Not badly so, but a bit. I'm also starting to get more anxious about the idea of job hunting. It is probably my least favorite activity. I hate the idea of being judged, and possibly being found wanting. (self esteem issues, I can have them) Oh well, hopefully it won't be as horrible as I worry about. And yes, I know I'm supposed to be on vacation, I still worry. Not sure what will stop the worries, well besides finding a job that doesn't set off anxiety triggers. Or learning to cope with a job that does. I don't know.

So yeah, I'm not in the great headspace I was in last week. I've been reading a lot, and watching a lot of movies. Don't really feel like dealing with website foo, but I'm doing at least the basic stuff to start. Probably going to run the trash out and check the mail, see if I can make 10k steps today. Then I'll work on the website foo and probably make it an early book night. Nothing like escaping into a nice collection of Mythos tales, or some nice calming history.

So yeah, not doing as spiffy as last week. I'll be ok, like I said I have books to read, and books make things better. Catch you all tomorrow, when hopefully I've got more perky stuff to say.