Sunday with ferrets and stuff

Besides Cthulhu eating the Moon, it's been a mostly ok Sunday. Had odd dreams of friends driving by in sportscars, and trying to set up a colony on another world, which is probably due to watching 'Pandorum' last night. Got up, got moving, headed down to Amythest's. Started laundry, and then I worked with Amythest on giving the ferret cage a major cleaning. We decided that ferret poop makes a fair substitute for cement. Then we ran some errands, Walmart run and then...the petstore.

Amythest's ferret Apollo has been down in the dumps since Shadow passed, he's always had his big brother there. So the idea was she was going to bring home another feezle. Simple plan. So of course, there's two adorable tiny kits at the petstore. One white/butterscotch, and the other the darkest sable either of us had ever seen. And they were adorable, and sweet, and bitey (Kit ferrets tend to bite pretty hard on humans, they haven't learned that humans are sensitive. But we're both used to it.) So she ended up coming home with two ferrets. Color me shocked. They were named before we got out of the store, Frik and Frak. (after the Swiss skaters, not any relation to Battlestar Galactica slang) Frik is the white guy, and Frak is the sable. Got them home, introduced them to Apollo, who proceeded to follow them around sniffing them constantly. No fighting, though Frik seems to be easily startled and vocal about it. So yay for social weaselness. No pictures, sorry...but ferrets are hard to photograph at the best of times, and kits are double trouble. I'll try next visit though.

Then I finished up laundry, and we watched a few episodes of NCIS to try to catch up. Came home, been poking my head out every little while to look at the Moon. It's at about middle eclipse right now, and it's a weird pale red color, nifty. A good ending to a mostly snazzy Sunday, minus some emotional foo (miss my ferret gang) and some anxiety early today. Tomorrow starts the transition to job hunting mode. Which will probably be another post in fairly short order. Hope everyone had a good day, and I'll babble more later.

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