Happy Slump Day

Still not feeling good, last night was broken sleep, finally gave up on the whole trying to sleep thing about 5am. I'm icky feeling, coughing and generally off. Luckily I had no hard plans for today. So I queued up 'Mr Robot'. Clinical depressive security admin with issues and a mild case of the Innsmouth look, definitely interesting show. Needs more geek, less drama. But well, drama sells TV. And it's not bad.

Otherwise I've tinkered with a few things, got my external backup drives all together, so if something horrible happens, I can still walk out with all my data. Things geeks worry about. Fixed a few glitches I've been meaning to poke at. Nice when I can make stuff work.

Rest of the week? We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Oh that reminds me *throws more stuff at the resume buzzword pile* Nothing else really to say. Catch you all later, have a good day.

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