Icky Tuesday

And it's Tuesday. Had another rough night, didn't feel good before bed, had crazy dreams all night. One dream that involved me triggering explosives before other people could be hurt, that was odd. Got up on time, took a little bit to get moving, but I was out the door to go walking at 11. Did around 4k steps, but I was dragging by the end and not feeling good. I think I got a snoot full of dust moving stuff yesterday, and my allergies are in overdrive.

I need to go to the store later, once I'm feeling human. I'm also throwing buzzwords into a txt file, skills I have. I'm going to dig into other job postings that I don't necessarily want to apply for, but to see how they word skill requests. Though I'm seriously wondering about 'Ninja like skills' in requests. Does this mean I have to show up to the interview in full black, climb in though the ventilation ducts and kill other applicants with shuriken to the temple ? We'll see.

Not much else to say about today. I'll get the shopping done, I'll write up more of my skill set. Hopefully I feel better soon, and things swing back up. Catch you all later.

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