Hermit night

Went to Amythest's school this afternoon, the kids had a half day, but she was still working on her classroom and needed some company. So I got her to laugh, helped her rearrange some stuff and we were going to meet up with Nymaz to move school stuff in storage to a smaller storage unit. That didn't work out, seems the smaller unit won't be available til Monday. But I'm available for labor on Monday after school hours, so it wasn't a crisis of any kind. So the three of us went to dinner, some bbq place that happened to also serve burgers (I'm that rare person who doesn't like the stuff). We talked, and made silly comments and generally improved all our moods. We're good that way.

We parted ways, they were off to see some silly movie, and I was down to my last social tentacle. So I came home, and I'm probably not leaving Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth in the next 30 hours or so. I was tempted to go to a local scifi con tomorrow, visit some friends I rarely see, but I don't think I'm up for crowds and socializing. So I think I'll just stay home, putter around the house and do calming stuff.

Mood is better than earlier, still not great though. Going to treat tonight like a usual Friday night, stay up late, watch cheesy movies, update virtual machines, etc. Hopefully I can reset the down fleeing of the last few days. I've also decided that while I'm going to work on job hunting next week, I'm also giving myself more down time, get back into things slower than originally planned. I kind of have to, otherwise there will be a panic-fest in short order. We'll see how things go. For now though, I'm only planning tonight and tomorrow. For now though, I'll catch you all later. *waves a quiet tentacle*

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