Upcoming Plans

So as I said in last post, this next week starts the transition to job hunting mode. Note the words 'start' and 'transition'. I'm still in the moderately freaked out mode about job hunting. So instead of my original plan to basically flip a switch tomorrow, I'm going to ease into it. Start with getting back in the habit of waking up (and going to bed) at the same time every day. Start writing the resume, go shopping for interview clothes, etc. I also need to call my 401k company and get that moved. Also keep to my walking routine, and the daily chores, and more reading on my down time, and more water drinking than anything else. Sticking to the Plan 2.0, post staycation stuff.

So, I'll work on resume, and on ironing out what my actual skillset is. I've looked at random postings that are vaguely in my field, and I'm reminded of crazy things I've worked on in the past. (I've also noted that if I already had Secret level security clearance, well there's a lot of network jobs out there that require preexisting clearance. Odd.) I also need to continue on my experiments, especially Puppet. I also think there will be a crash course in Python or Ruby in my future, given how many times those have popped up. But getting the resume together is the big thing. Then getting it 'peer reviewed', then handing it off to my geek friends (In DFW only though, I'm not wanting to migrate). Then start stalking the job postings out there...

Which, as I said, will take some time. And I'm not going from 0 to 60, I don't think my anxiety is up for that. On the other tentacle, I don't want to stall too long either. I have the finances for an extended leave, but I don't want to be an idiot about it, as I have done in the past. So we'll see how I do. One day at a time, one tentacle in front of another. *sigh* I can do this. Ok, that's enough rambling for today. Catch you all later.

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