To the Devil a Daughter…and more rambles

Home from work, dinner eaten, books added to catalog and shelved. Am pretty pooped after the work day. Going to go to shower, bed and book soon.

Listening to 'To the Devil a Daughter', I knew that the movie was very different than the book, but the only thing they both have is the evil priest. The good guy, Verney is made up of 3 characters in the book. And if you're looking for habit wearing hotties, well this stories has nun ;) Pretty sure I can guess why Wheatley was so torqued off at the Hammer production. It's a slow start, lots of English people complaining about France, while in France. But we got to the crazy Satanist monologing about his plan to a hero, and boy is it bonkers. Also there's a call back to the novel 'The Devil Rides Out' which makes my little geek heart happy. Still have hours to go to listen, might switch over to reading the book the old fashioned way, see if the plot runs off like a crazed the movie does.

Night all.

Random post surgery thoughts

Been healing, bit by bit. I'm really tired of soft foods, my stomach is demanding things I'm pretty sure I shouldn't eat, and I'm still generally worn down. Worked from home on Thursday, which honestly I didn't get much work done during. Called in on Friday, watched the first 8 'Friday the 13th' movies as is traditional. Yesterday and today was more or less the same, with more variety in movies though. Back to the office tomorrow, with a lot of emails to check I think. Plus lots of things to do in general that I meant to do this weekend. My TODO list is giving me more than a little anxiety though, so many things to do, so little time. Oh well, going to do some little things and make something for dinner, then probably spend the evening in a book. Catch everyone later.

Survived Dental Surgery

Had the extractions this morning. Sedation dentistry is my friend, I blinked and I went from getting wired up, to getting ready to leave. Eating a ton of soft food, pudding, jello, and yogurt. Wanting sushi, Italian food and gyros. None of which are a good choice right now. In some discomfort/pain, but not bad. Not feeling too loopy from the sedation either, but avoiding pushing that in any form or fashion. Plan is to work from home tomorrow, and possibly Friday. Now lets hope I heal quickly and without issue.

Vulpine faces a fear

Quick post. Remember back before I went to Providence I went to the dentist and had one tooth extracted, and a failed attempt at the second one. I was giving a referral to an oral surgeon. Well, as I'm wont to do when I'm terrified about something (dentists) I put it off. Well, that tooth is giving me grief again. So I made an appointment with said oral surgeon, went back to the dentist for a double check, and antibiotics and pain meds. Today I went for the consult. Yep, that tooth needs to go, and oh yeah...I have another abscess that I'm probably not feeling because the other one is hurting more. So I'm going back next Wednesday to have both extracted. I brought up my anxiety, and the doctor agreed that sedation is probably better all around. Luckily I have a friend who can take a morning off to drive me around, and a job that's pretty flexible. So I'll be stoned off my ass (under doctor care) next Wednesday, and probably working from home on Thursday, while eating yogurt, pudding, Jello and other soft things. Which I already had on hand because well, I knew it was coming. I was freaked out before, I'm mostly calm now...I see next Tuesday night as being kind of rough though. But hopefully this will correct things for now, and later on I can get the rest of the work I need done. Stupid stupid dental phobia, seriously if I could change one thing I'd probably go back and tell very young me to either suck up the laughing gas or accept the scary as fuck needle, because the future is full of worse things. So yeah, any spare thoughts to buck up my courage would be appreciated. Catch you all later, hopefully with a more pleasant weekend post.