2nd attempt, much less down post

Had a weird day, started to write out a long post about it, deleted it due to well, weirdness. Going into work early tomorrow to field support issues post migration tonight, since I can't stay late to help with said migration (contract worker problems). Kind of stressed due to the anxiety I get about having to be up earlier than usual. Wanna stress out a fox, give him an early task.

Otherwise, glad tomorrow is Friday. Glad the weekend has little in the way of 'must do'. Some computer foo, some adulting, hopefully a lot of decent sleep, bad movies, and good books. Ahh, this is much more positive post. So I think I'll call it. Ciao!

Sunday Stuff

Spent last night watching 'Kingdom of Heaven' and then reading a random book on the Templars. Well, the first 1/4 of the book was about the lead up to the Crusades, going as far back as the first human settlements in the area around Jerusalem. Which on one hand really makes sure everyone is on the same page, but on the other hand wow that's a big lack of knights in red crosses. Still it's a good read. Went to sleep, had weird dreams about being some kind of guard/warrior from somewhere in the time period I was reading about (that's a lot of ground, but there wasn't much to date things by), except we were going to what looked like a modern grocery store. Not a clue what that means.

Woke up, checked on running scripts on Dagon. Started watching '300: Rise of an Empire' because I was in an Eva Green mood. Went to the store, got most of a week's worth of groceries. Came home, started laundry, been watching 'Prince of Darkness' because well, it's Easter. *chuckle* Think I'm going to watch 'The Omen' next, since I've been enjoying 'Damien' on TV. Happy little heretic here *wink*

Mostly done with the upgrade, all the VMs are migrated, updating the last of them now. Still working on the backup of the big data drive. Need to pause it when it gets to backing up the VMs because that's still being updated. I have a small laundry list of things to fix/update, but I have time.

That's about it for today, going to veg out, put up laundry, make something for dinner and sack out I think. Catch you all later *waves a tentacle*

Not as much computer stuff

Been a decent week. Well minus the massive allergy attack at the begining. New level of allergies, I sneezed myself off a conf call. Work is still decent. Even when it's stressful it's not too stressful. Went with Amythest to see 'The Finest Hours', fun little seafaring/disaster flick. Especially at the cheap theater.

Weekend has been good, hung out with Amythest watching bad movies last night. Came home fairly early for a Friday, and went to bed with a book before too long. Got up this morning, started the great migration. Did some chores, got dinner from Freebirds, and have been watching a bunch of horror flicks. Nice fun movies.

Still working on the computer foo. I've mostly got everything working the way I want, currently migrating VMs to the new box. Need to also find my notes to how I had the posting to wordpress via Vim setup. Then I'll probably leave the old dagon up and running to copy the things I haven't thought of over, as that always seems to happen. Still, much less painful that some other builds of mine.

Tomorrow I've got more chores to deal with, and probably more importing of VMs. And probably more cheesy horror movies. I do love them so. That's about all for today, tune in tomorrow for more rambles probably. *waves a tentacle*

Dagon 2.0

Workstations have been swapped. Got 90% of the goofy stuff done, now it's copying config files and running into random 'Oh I forgot about that' stuff. Fun times here at Château Innsmouth.

Moving Day

It's Saturday, and it's the day I swap workstations. So of course I'm stalling. Running backups and syncs before I make the swap. Queued up a bunch of movies on Nyogtha for while this is going. Wild times for Château Innsmouth. I'll be back on later to either cheer or whine. *waves a tentacle*

And the rest of the Saturday

In other news, today is my 2 month anniversary at Carcosa Corp. *cheer* I also ran into a former coworker with the Shoggoth Pit at the store today. Seems things have changed, and a certain person who drove me to the brink of unhappy madness is no longer there. Passed on recruiter info, and I'll talk to said recruiter next week. He's a good egg, rarely made me want to go all stabby. So schradenfreude, nice to see ya *grin*

Spent the non-new Dagon rest of the day watching assorted ghost flicks, doing adulting things (aka chores) and stuff. Things are pretty organized, other than the big pile of laundry for tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I have to take out all the dishes from the cabinets so the bug people can spray on Monday. *sigh* Hate that.

I've also been seeing a cat around Château Innsmouth (well outside). Little grey and white kitty, has a collar but no tags. Skittish, not so much that I couldn't come up slowly and scratch him/her behind the ears and check the collar. Cute kitty, I'm hoping he/she has a family. I'm trying not to be tempted into adopting a kitty. I still don't want to have anything relying on me at home, even if it's cute and fuzzy. *tries to cover up the 'Sucker' on his forehead*. Yeah, that will work. *wink*

Not much else going on. Probably going to go to bed after another flick and some more installs. I am tired still. Plus, there is bookage to read. We'll see. But for now, have a good night.

Dagon 2.0

New Dagon is here, Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 beta is installed and I'm setting up all the softwares. Good to have a computer delivered to you by your IT expert. *grin*

The stats are as follows
  • AMD FX(tm)-4130, 3.8 GHZ quad core CPU
  • 16 gigs of PC3-12800 RAM
  • Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
  • Seagate 6TB sata drive
  • NVidia: GT610 video card
  • LG DVD-RW drive
  • Snazzy green case.

    So yeah, I'm happy. I have snazzy computer, I have SSD epic boot time, and it does all the things so far. *happy dance* More babbling later probably. Ciao.
  • 8 bells and all’s well

    Thank Cthulhu it's Friday. This week has been kind of nuts, felt pretty miserable Wedneday and called in. My sleeping has been erratic as hell, but until last night there were no nightmares...

    Then I had the mother of nightmares this morning, not going into details as it was epicly personal. Woke up crying, that's new. Stayed up for a while, then went back to sleep...and ended up in the same nightmare. Didn't wake up crying at least, but I just stayed up and metalled til it was time to go to work. Mood got better, but I am drained. Really hoping for no dreams tonight at all.

    Not much else. Tomorrow I'm getting my upgraded system back, and I'll probably spend most of the day and night installing, tweaking, copying. I was planning on spending all weekend working on it, but I decided to space it out, since I'm going to want to make sure everything works before I swap stuff. And there's a billion tweaks on Dagon that I'll have to replicate. So that will take a while.

    Ok, calling this a post. Going to head to bed early (for a Friday).

    And now it's 1 bell (aka 8:30). Time flies when you're writing blog posts.

    Spanking dinosaurs and computer oopses

    Saturday was good. Slept weird, had strange dreams about Marvel superheroes and other geeky stuff. Got up earlier than I planned, convinced myself to go be an adult and do the grocery shopping. Came home, got stuff organized, and headed up to visit friends and put my IT department to work. One problem, as he asked me 'Did you bring the drive rails?' And I had to be that customer and go 'What rails ?' So, road trip to Microcenter, which was railless. No big deal. Was going to order a set and have them shipped over from the case manufacturer, but their site is a tad evil. (luckily I found them when I got home, being a packrat has advantages). I'll ship the rails out on Monday, and I already ordered some other bits via Amazon and shipped them over. So I'll have Dagon 2.0 by next weekend.

    We headed back to base, watched a horrible dino flick called 'Jurassic Attack'. Horrible acting, worst commandos ever, and another line in the Vulpine catalog of strange things "Don't spank the triceratops". (note to people, spanking a triceratops causes dumb commandos to be run over). Then after some debate, we ended up watching 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. Which was better the second time around, and with subtitles. After that, I ended up coming home. I was tired and feeling kind of icky. So I came home, found the rails, am talking computer bits and zenning out.

    Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with the musketeers, do laundry and go see 'Zootopia'. Then back to Carcosa Corp on Monday. No wild plans for next week. Not much else, so I'll call this a post. Night all.

    Another Friday, another post

    Another week has passed. Been a kind of crazy week, note to future me, taking melatonin, even when the pshrink says to, leads to a weird mess of brainmeats. At least on my current med cocktail. Work was also stressful, changes in how my group does things, and our manager was in town. Note, bossman isn't a bad guy, but he's remote most of the time so it was odd working with him there. I think it was odder for my cohorts than for me. Things worked out ok, and today was me fixing a bunch of stuff for the developers. Useful fox was useful. Felt good to be the fixit guy today.

    After work I came home, decided to put on 'Excalibur'. I love this movie, but I've avoided it for years because the battle music is "O Fortuna" from "Carmina Burana", which I used as my work ring tone. Got to the point when hearing the start would trigger anxiety. Well, 6 months to the day of leaving The Shoggoth Pit, I'm offically able to at least listen to the bits in this movie. Yay!

    Not much else. I started to write a long 'State of the Fox' but then I remembered I did it last week, and nothing much has changed. New Linux box soon, hopefully a fun restful weekend. Ok, I'll catch you all later. Ciao.