Weekend Computer Foo

And now we talk about computer foo. last night and today has been more geekery than I've done in a while. Dagon's new monitor is much of the shiny. I've switched to using multiple virtual desktops, scattering various apps that I can reach with with key combos. Here are the desktops and what they're used for.

  • Primus: Web browser and terminal windows, with Alpine (mail), CenterIM5 (IM client), one terminal with a screen session linked to every VM and physical box here at Château Innsmouth, and one for text editing (like this entry).
  • Secondus: Five larger terminal windows in a pattern. Good for sysadmin or coding or stuff. Larger = less eye strain.
  • Teritus: VirtualBox and VMs. This is the problem child, as I start working on a desktop VM, and forget about it with flipping back and forth.
  • Quartus: Misc stuff.

    As I said, it's easy to lose stuff in this setup, but I'm thinking I'll get used to it over time. The new video card in Dagon can support 2 of the big monitors, and I can double up on those cards, so I could upgrade to a 3 monitor rig in the future. Also, Hydra has DP ports as well, so I could split it, 2 on Dagon, 1 on Hydra. Doubt I'll do that anytime soon though, both for cost and the fact the Desk of Doom (tm) isn't sturdy or large enough. So, in the future. Maybe after I pay off the trip to Portland.

    Besides getting things updated and rebooted all the systems. Tried to upgrade Dagon to the latest stable kernel, but no dice, I couldn't make the new monitor play nice, and after 3 or 4 reboots and driver swaps I gave up for now. Hydra and Nyogtha came up fine after general maintenance and reboots, so did the VMs. I then turned my attention to my mini server Shoggoth, which has been offline for a week or so. On advice from my IT guy (yes I have a friend that does most of my hardware foo. I can do it soso, or he can do it right, and he's worth every cent. If you're in DFW, and need a geek, let me know) I popped out the drive, tried to see if it would get past the weird lock. It did. So I put the drive back in, and it booted fine. So I updated it, rebooted, came up fine. So, thinking the SSHD drive in Shoggoth might be flaking, I enabled SMARTD to monitor the drive. So we'll see if it was a fluke or a drive giving up the ghost.

    Now I'm updating the assorted desktop VMs, and fiddling around with other stuff. Been a productive day geekwise. But soon it will be time to wind down and head to bed.
  • Moving Day

    It's Saturday, and it's the day I swap workstations. So of course I'm stalling. Running backups and syncs before I make the swap. Queued up a bunch of movies on Nyogtha for while this is going. Wild times for Château Innsmouth. I'll be back on later to either cheer or whine. *waves a tentacle*

    Dagon 2.0

    New Dagon is here, Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 beta is installed and I'm setting up all the softwares. Good to have a computer delivered to you by your IT expert. *grin*

    The stats are as follows
  • AMD FX(tm)-4130, 3.8 GHZ quad core CPU
  • 16 gigs of PC3-12800 RAM
  • Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
  • Seagate 6TB sata drive
  • NVidia: GT610 video card
  • LG DVD-RW drive
  • Snazzy green case.

    So yeah, I'm happy. I have snazzy computer, I have SSD epic boot time, and it does all the things so far. *happy dance* More babbling later probably. Ciao.
  • Computer Foo

    Ugg, computer foo. Rebooted the 3 linux only boxes here at Château Innsmouth, Hydra (secondary workstation) and Nyogtha (media player/ fileserver) booted fine. Dagon however decided it rather be dead and dreaming, or at least stick on boot. Finally got things working, not sure if it was just giving it a break while I went to get mail, or turning off the usb array. But Dagon finally booted up. *thud* I don't need this stressor now. I have some vague plans to use Cthylla to replace Dagon, but I rather wait til it's a planned and tested (and I have money to do it all). So I'll probably avoid rebooting Dagon unless I have to. *sigh*

    Oh well, eventually I'll be able to upgrade Cthylla to the specs I want to use to replace Dagon's current bits, and I'll swap over. Actually, I probably could swap over now if I cannibalized Dagon, but I don't want to do it that way. I rather have a soft swap over than a hard. Oh well, one of these lifetimes.