A week later… still a snot fountain

Well, still sick. Not shocking, bronchitis whacks me hard, and I end up coughing and feeling off for a long while afterwards. We'll see how it goes. Worked from home all week, been a frustrating work week. Apartment foo is setup, 59 days and change til I get the keys. Can't wait, even if I'm anxious about all the prep work I need to do.

I also had computer foo, but I didn't mention it last week. Dagon had been having overheating issues, and finally started randomly rebooting. So I made a hard cut over to Asenath, the new PC I've meant to use for months. Same basic OS and desktop, just instead of 16.04 it's 19.10, so a lot of new quirks to work out or find a better way of doing things. After a week or so, I've mostly got everything working the way I want, or worked around. I still have some changes to make.

Not much else, the holidays are coming up, and I'm really just not in the mood for either Turkey Massacre or Cthulhumas. I've been highly hermit-like, and it's hard to want to get out of the habit. I need to, just hard to want to. Might be easier if I stop feeling lousy and wanting to hack up my lungs.

Ok, going to call this a post. I've got Lovecraftian audiobooks, and apartment nicknames to ponder. *waves a tentacle*

Late night rambles.

Staying up later than I usually manage. I'm tired, but I'm jittery. So I'm futzing around, realized there was a work server that alerted last night due to low space during a backup, then recovered...but I didn't want to get texted in the night, so I threw a bunch of space at it. (New backup routine, and I haven't quite figured out how much space it will need, darn needy databases). I'm also upgrading a home VM to the latest Ubuntu server available, because I am a nerd.

To be honest, I don't want to go to sleep. Last night's anxiety dreams were very unpleasant, even though I don't remember details. So I'm avoiding sleep. Eventually I'll crash, but not for a while. I have plans for tomorrow (finally going to see the new Godzilla flick), but there's no time frame...so hopefully I can just sleep in once I crash. We'll see.

But for now, more comfort soup, some silly TV, and geekery. Then book and bed and hopefully dreams of tentacles and Caroline Munro ;)

Say Hello to Byatis

I replaced my media player system with a new computer. Shoggoth has worked pretty well over the last few years, but it's been struggling more and more with larger files/bluray encoded files. Since it's a Intel Celeron 1.5 ghz CPU, it's not surprising. So a couple of weeks ago, Woot.com had a deal on a Lenovo M93P Tiny Desktop. Dual core Intel i5, 8 gigs of RAM, and a 128g SSD. So faster drive and a lot more CPU. (same RAM, but I can add another 8 gig stick if needed). So I finally felt up to moving hardware around today. Got everything wired up, well other than using a wireless keyboard and mouse to talk to Byatis. Installed Ubuntu MATE 18.10 (yes the same version I had headaches with upgrading Dagon. But a media system has a lot less moving parts, and other than a couple of goofs requiring a reinstall, the install went smooth. Setup the usual things, big thing was to get VLC installed and tested. There's a few quirks with controlling VLC, but nothing I can't adapt to. Or I can find something to tweak to make it simpler. We'll see.

So here you go, the building of my new media server, Byatis. Oh, if you don't recognize the name, Wikipedia has you covered.

Fixing Fedora

Well I finally figured out how to fix the X.org issue with running Fedora 23 under VirtualBox, where you can't install the vbox driver for video. This limits the VM to a max of 1024x768. The fix is to downgrade the x.org drivers to F22's version.

sudo dnf --showduplicates --allowerasing --releasever=22 downgrade xorg-x11-server-Xorg

This will roll the packages back. Note, after you do this, dnf/yum upgrade will reinstall the F23 packages. To prevent this, edit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf and add the following line at the end\


Then reinstall the VirtualBox drivers as usual, and you should get your normal options for screen size back. Eventually there will be an update for VirtualBox to fix this, but until then we've got this.

Friday Frights

Friday night of 'classic' horror movies. First the original 'Poltergeist'. Oh wow, this movie is a poster child for bad parenting decisions from the 80's. But the creepy bits and the effects hold up well enough. I'm still amazed that with all the horror elements it got a PG rating. More movies today need skeletons leaping out at leads. 3 out 5 disinterred bodies up.

I've now moved on to one of the scariest movies, period. 'The Exorcist'. Ooh, they just started 'Tubular Bells', now that's a theme song. (Plus I like Mike Oldfield in general). Downside, I forgot about the scene with Father Damien's mother in the hospital...that stirred up some unpleasant memories. At least it was a short scene, and now on to to the possession warm up. No pea soup yet. But that will be soon.

On non-horror movie side, I'm doing the usual Friday VM updates, and I've finally fixed Cthylla's dual boot set, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10's last beta, with the usual Mate desktop. Mostly it's just to see how well things run on that hardware, with the idea that if Dagon ever bites the dust, I'll be able to swap over with minimum headache. Also, if I end up getting a fancy monitor, the video card on Cthylla supports a 2560x1440 display. That would be shiny, once I was gainfully employed again. But that's just future thoughts.

Otherwise I'm wandering on Wikipedia. Somehow I went from 'The Exorcist' to all the variations of Christian Tribulations, to Zoroastrianism, to pre Indo-European religion and culture (currently on the Kurgan hypothesis . Amazing how I go all over the place. I love the internet. I also have up the alleged exorcism that Blatty based his novel on, but I haven't started reading. I may just bookmark it for later, depending on how late I stay up.

Ok, pea soup was had. Gah, poor Father Damien, he looks like hell. Not even going to mention how rough Regan/Pazuzu looks. Ooh, the old priest just showed, and he's taking no shit.

Ok, that's enough of a post I guess. I guess I'll call it. Going to finish 'The Exorcist', then I'll decide if I'm staying up later or not. Still have about 30 more min, and it's the big finale. And it might be good to end on a high note...or if I stay up, I'll change gears and watch something utterly different. Catch you all later.