400 days in the hole

Hopefully I'm not the only person who's had variants of Humble Pie's "30 Days in the Hole" playing in my head. No, just me huh? Ok. Yep, as of 1900 CDT, I hit 400 days since I started the whole isolation thing. Yeah, I know I've not been a complete hermit, I should have clocked off at 395 when I went to visit Amythest and got real hugs, and cat time. But round numbers, we'se likes them.

So what does that mean? Well, since that day in March 2020, I've pretty much phoned in my existence. Haven't read much, can't say I've done anything to earn employee of the year, or done more than the bare minimums to keep going. Not being mean to myself, it's a fact I've been running on auxiliary power and batteries, Most of us have. But, it's been 400 days. Time to let engineering bring the warp core back online.

(Have I mentioned I've read a lot of Star Trek wiki articles lately?)

So, I'm going to start working on eating betterish, and not ordering out every day. I'm going to get my tuchus out of the computer chair, and get more exercising than me going to get water every hour or so. I'm going to be social more with my friends, at least those where we're safe from each other virii wise (still going to be careful though, Mom did not raise an idiot. RIP Mom). I'm still going to do most of my shopping by remote, and wear a mask and avoid strangers, and everything else that keeps me and others safe. While trying to live a little.

6 months from tomorrow, I hit another Spawning day. 6 months to make some improvements. To catch up with people I care about. To open the gates to N'kai and deliver Tsathoggua upon this realms of snacks... Ok, that last bit should have been using my inner monologue, but I'm pretty sure that's never coming back after the last year of saying pretty much what came to mind when it did.