Spanking dinosaurs and computer oopses

Saturday was good. Slept weird, had strange dreams about Marvel superheroes and other geeky stuff. Got up earlier than I planned, convinced myself to go be an adult and do the grocery shopping. Came home, got stuff organized, and headed up to visit friends and put my IT department to work. One problem, as he asked me 'Did you bring the drive rails?' And I had to be that customer and go 'What rails ?' So, road trip to Microcenter, which was railless. No big deal. Was going to order a set and have them shipped over from the case manufacturer, but their site is a tad evil. (luckily I found them when I got home, being a packrat has advantages). I'll ship the rails out on Monday, and I already ordered some other bits via Amazon and shipped them over. So I'll have Dagon 2.0 by next weekend.

We headed back to base, watched a horrible dino flick called 'Jurassic Attack'. Horrible acting, worst commandos ever, and another line in the Vulpine catalog of strange things "Don't spank the triceratops". (note to people, spanking a triceratops causes dumb commandos to be run over). Then after some debate, we ended up watching 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. Which was better the second time around, and with subtitles. After that, I ended up coming home. I was tired and feeling kind of icky. So I came home, found the rails, am talking computer bits and zenning out.

Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with the musketeers, do laundry and go see 'Zootopia'. Then back to Carcosa Corp on Monday. No wild plans for next week. Not much else, so I'll call this a post. Night all.

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