Not as much computer stuff

Been a decent week. Well minus the massive allergy attack at the begining. New level of allergies, I sneezed myself off a conf call. Work is still decent. Even when it's stressful it's not too stressful. Went with Amythest to see 'The Finest Hours', fun little seafaring/disaster flick. Especially at the cheap theater.

Weekend has been good, hung out with Amythest watching bad movies last night. Came home fairly early for a Friday, and went to bed with a book before too long. Got up this morning, started the great migration. Did some chores, got dinner from Freebirds, and have been watching a bunch of horror flicks. Nice fun movies.

Still working on the computer foo. I've mostly got everything working the way I want, currently migrating VMs to the new box. Need to also find my notes to how I had the posting to wordpress via Vim setup. Then I'll probably leave the old dagon up and running to copy the things I haven't thought of over, as that always seems to happen. Still, much less painful that some other builds of mine.

Tomorrow I've got more chores to deal with, and probably more importing of VMs. And probably more cheesy horror movies. I do love them so. That's about all for today, tune in tomorrow for more rambles probably. *waves a tentacle*

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