Another Friday, another post

Another week has passed. Been a kind of crazy week, note to future me, taking melatonin, even when the pshrink says to, leads to a weird mess of brainmeats. At least on my current med cocktail. Work was also stressful, changes in how my group does things, and our manager was in town. Note, bossman isn't a bad guy, but he's remote most of the time so it was odd working with him there. I think it was odder for my cohorts than for me. Things worked out ok, and today was me fixing a bunch of stuff for the developers. Useful fox was useful. Felt good to be the fixit guy today.

After work I came home, decided to put on 'Excalibur'. I love this movie, but I've avoided it for years because the battle music is "O Fortuna" from "Carmina Burana", which I used as my work ring tone. Got to the point when hearing the start would trigger anxiety. Well, 6 months to the day of leaving The Shoggoth Pit, I'm offically able to at least listen to the bits in this movie. Yay!

Not much else. I started to write a long 'State of the Fox' but then I remembered I did it last week, and nothing much has changed. New Linux box soon, hopefully a fun restful weekend. Ok, I'll catch you all later. Ciao.

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