And the rest of the Saturday

In other news, today is my 2 month anniversary at Carcosa Corp. *cheer* I also ran into a former coworker with the Shoggoth Pit at the store today. Seems things have changed, and a certain person who drove me to the brink of unhappy madness is no longer there. Passed on recruiter info, and I'll talk to said recruiter next week. He's a good egg, rarely made me want to go all stabby. So schradenfreude, nice to see ya *grin*

Spent the non-new Dagon rest of the day watching assorted ghost flicks, doing adulting things (aka chores) and stuff. Things are pretty organized, other than the big pile of laundry for tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I have to take out all the dishes from the cabinets so the bug people can spray on Monday. *sigh* Hate that.

I've also been seeing a cat around Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth (well outside). Little grey and white kitty, has a collar but no tags. Skittish, not so much that I couldn't come up slowly and scratch him/her behind the ears and check the collar. Cute kitty, I'm hoping he/she has a family. I'm trying not to be tempted into adopting a kitty. I still don't want to have anything relying on me at home, even if it's cute and fuzzy. *tries to cover up the 'Sucker' on his forehead*. Yeah, that will work. *wink*

Not much else going on. Probably going to go to bed after another flick and some more installs. I am tired still. Plus, there is bookage to read. We'll see. But for now, have a good night.

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