Yesterday was not a good day

Amythest's ferret Shadow passed away yesterday. It wasn't expected, we went to let the feezles play, and he was gone. Poor little guy. And poor us. He may not have been 'my' ferret, but I loved him just the same. Her other ferret, Apollo is fine. Rest in peace dear Shadow, you will be missed.

Not much else to say. I came home last night and pretty much went directly to book. Sleep was broken, got up a little while ago. Going to be helping Amythest with moving stuff later today. Not exactly what I wanted to do today, but need to help the friends.

So yeah, not in a good mental place today. Not making plans for the weekend since all I really want to do is hide out right now. We'll see what happens. For now, I'll just hide out at home til it's time to labor. Catch you all later.

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