*insert amusing thing here*

I survived Friday night, ended up curing up with an old favorite book, "Nightmare's Disciple" by Joe Pulver. Stayed up later than planned, but that's ok. Went to sleep about 11, and pretty much stayed asleep til 9ish, with only a few wakeups. Still feeling ick, pollen count has jumped again. Really tired of the trees. Damn the Lorax *wink*

Me and Amythest had already decided that our plans for museuming today was not going to happen. So I made myself go out and get groceries while I still had tentacles. Got groceries, got a burger. Got home, took a shower and flooded my sinuses, which helped a little.

Was going to do the massive ton of laundry and chores if I didn't go be social today, but I don't think I'll get much more than some general pick up and organizing (which I've already done). So I've been at the computer, and watching 'Resident Evil' movies in prep for next weekend's release. I've finally gotten around to setting up Crashplan backups on Hydra, so time to watch all my files slowly back up. This is going to take forever, but just in case Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth gets hit by a meteor while I'm not in it, I'll still have all my Mythos Multimedia.

I have thoughts I want to post about, but at the same time I'm pretty fuzzy brained today, so it may wait. I'll probably work some on trip foo, been reading fluffy computer articles and organizing files. Trying to avoid too much social media, though it looks like today was better than I worried. Hope it stays that way.

The rest of today, more movies, more taking it easy. I really hope this crap fades soon. Ok, catch you all later.

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