A Poe-etic Wednesday

Thoughts and stuff...I've had a active but quiet day. By the time I was supposed wake up, I'd already hit 5k steps. Tried to take a nap around noon, didn't really sleep, kind of just daydreamed. I've also gotten the mystery package (a spawning day gift of a plush octopus from a friend in Alaska), as well as my Kickstarter stuff from the 2015 HPLFF in another package. Yay things with tentacles.

I've also been on a Edgar Allan Poe movie marathon. I started with the Price/Corman version of 'Fall of the House of Usher'. I also finally found the 70's TV version of 'Fall of the House of Usher on You Tube (thank you Stan Lee), but I'm saving that for later tonight. I then watched 'The Raven' with John Cusack, which I enjoy, though I think Jeffrey Combes does a better Poe. Then there was the Full Moon version of 'Pit and the Pendulum', which is gory fun. I started to watch the aformentioned Combes' 'The Black Cat' but as much as love his acting, I can't handle the kitty torture in the show. (Even though I know it's all effects, it still hits me right in the animal lover). So I moved back to Corman/Price and 'The Tomb of Ligeia' which is what I'm currently watching. Gotta love Vincent Price. I'll probably watch the 70's Usher afterwards with dinner, and finish up with 'Elvira's Haunted Hills' which is equal parts hysterical and a loving tribute to the Corman Poe adaptations. Wasn't the plan for the day, but it's made for a good time. Or, make that 'Masque of the Red Death' after 'Tomb of Ligeia' as I need more Price/Corman. Oh well, I try to be flexible.

Hoping tonight will be some decent sleep. I'm hoping all the walking today will help. I was planning on working on the job hunt, but distraction and sleepyness one out. Tomorrow should be a normal day, so I'll get to work. Friday afternoon/evening is the Ufie Halloween Party, which should be fun. Beyond that I have no plans for the weekend. I have a vague thought to hermit on Halloween, we'll see if I do or not. For now thought, I'm going to enjoy more Poeness. Catch you all later.

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