Early Hump Day

Well poop. Had a rough evening. Found out the walking park I was planning to use was under construction, I did work out enough steps to make and pass goal. Came home to a miscommunication which pretty much tanked my mood. Went to bed at the usual time, reading my old copy of a Vlad Tepes biography. One of my original history addictions, comfort reading. I'd been listening to a podcast about Gilles de Rais so I was in the mood for historical nutjobs.

Slept soso, no dreams I remember, woke up about 6ish...no rhyme or reason, I'm just awake. Will probably fall over later. Otherwise, I have a package at the apartment complex office, wonder what it is? *yawn*

Made some resume progress yesterday...

Time passes

Sorry, I had a bright idea that since I was already up, I should go walking. So I went to a different park in town with a walking trail. Took some time to find it, I knew kind of where it was, but had to circle around it to get there. Nice enough, if dull path...1500 steps in a lap approximately, Did two and 1/3rd and came home. This should work alright, it's not too far from Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth, and it's close to the highways so once I'm gainfully employed I can swing by there to do a lap or two before or after work on nice days without issues.

So back to the Desk of Doom (tm). Going to walk up to the office to get the mystery package, then later I should have another package. Yay preorders and long awaited Kickstarter stuff...at least that's my assumptions. Rest of the day? Dunno, probably will work on job hunting foo and enjoy the cool air of the day. On that note, this is a long enough post. Catch you all later.

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