Another night, another set of weird dreams

This time I was being made to go back to the 'Pit, and so I went to Taco Bell and bought multiple large packs of tacos. *twitch* Now I'm frazzled and craving tacos. Ok brain, enough already.

Finished reading two books last night, one collection of Holmes/Mythos crossover pastiches and the latest Greig Beck supersoldier thriller, with extra tentacles. The Holmes book was a Spawning Day gift from Amythest, who really knows me well. *grin* Not sure what's next on the reading pike, thanks to giftcards I have a number of books to read, I need to rig up some kind of random book chooser I guess.

Otherwise, all I can really say is I'm here. I have stuff I need to do, and I'm twitching already. This should be fun. Need to finish this post, and tune out and make things happen. Dagon give me strength. Catch you all later, wish me luck and stuff

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