My Saturday, besides the sads, has been alright. Started off kind of rough, with some odd/disturbing dreams. So I got up early, took meds, and got going. I built the new Shoggoth (the mini PC server), got it working with Ubuntu server 16.04 beta, acting as a DNS, NTP, Apache and file server. It's not powerful, but it's good enough for what it's going to do. I also build a Windows 10 VM for yucks and giggles. No reason, just cause. Distraction was a good plan for today.

I also watched a lot of Scifi. Star Wars VII, some assorted monster flicks, Robocop, the Martian (which was still a lot of feels, oops), and currently Hollow Man. Lots of sciencing the shit out of things, both good and bad *wink*

Tomorrow I'm still going to take it easy-ish, with some chores and laudnry to do. Not a lot though, as I doubt I'll be back to myself. Still feeling kind of sick, better, but still sick. This really sucks. Really wish I was feeling better already. Hopefully tomorrow I will be.

As for the landmine day, well it's been as good as could be expected. Some tears here and there, but no real meltdowns. Which is good. Hopefully since the day is done, my mood will start climbing back up, and life can get back to normal. I can hope at least.

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