Adulting Fox is adulting

Been doing all the adulting. Last night I finally went through the staffing agency's insurance, and made choices. Keeping my current insurance, but added some other stuff to flesh it out. Went to bed about midnight, and I'm testing reducing my sleep meds. Pshrink suggested this months ago, but given my anxieties about getting enough sleep I haven't even thought about it til recently. But my stress levels have been dropping, so I gave it a shot. Night one, slept decent, was up around 10ish. No really groggyness. We'll try again tonight. Yay for lack of stressness.

Got up and did the adulting. Trash, cleaned out the car, cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom, and changed the sheets. Oh yeah, and checked mail. Which is almost all the things I wanted to get done today of the non-fun things. Still want to clean off/under the futon in prep for getting rid of it, but that's not a priority. Just something that's been on the TODO list for months. We'll see. I also need to sit down and do my taxes, so I can figure out if I need to plan, and how much I need to plan for. Given how things went last year in regards to money, it's going to be...interesting.

Now I'm watching movies and updating VMs. General vegging time. I was thinking about going to be semi-social, but I think hermitting is more in my future. That and my allergies are unhappy. And given how things tend to go, I'll feel worse the later it gets. We'll see, it's only noonish. But for now, it's movies and geekery and being comfy. Catch you all later.

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