Another Friday has come

And it's Friday. Was a very long week, but a good one. Trying to finish up my 'install cacti and nagios on everything'. And I am jinxed, I added so many entries to cacti, that the VM hosting it started having CPU issues. So I disabled a bunch of the new additions to keep the load from spiking. We're going to upgrade the VM, but didn't get to do it today. I also broke my first biggish thing today. The developers run their own nagios server, for...reasons. I added their nagios to the master nagios server that IT runs, and in the process broke how their nagios server worked. Was an easy fix, and the developer who reported it was cool. (so was a certain A person who helped me reinstall the missing plugins) Again, I like this job.

Came home after work with takeout. Allergies are acting up again, stupid Texas weather. Been watching horror movies starring actresses I find attractive. Picked up a touch, did dishes, but really haven't been motivated to do much more than catch up on twitter/facebook and update software that I install from source. Oh yeah, and balance the checkbook. Oy. Plans for tomorrow is to catch up on assorted chores, and do adulting things like my taxes and double check the insurance provided by the staffing company. There will also be general down time and relaxing. Sunday, I'm planning to go see 'Gods of Egypt' (insert laughter here) with Amythest and Nymaz. I know it will be painfully bad in a historical/mythological sense, but it should be entertaining. (I enjoyed 'Troy') Should be a good, relaxing weekend.

So yeah, I'm doing pretty job. New job is still good, home is comfy, and I have epic numbers of books to read.

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