Crimson Peak review

Crimson Peak is del Toro's love letter to Gothic literature and movies. Vincent Price and Peter Cushing would have approved. If you're on the fence because it's a 'horror movie', hop down. It's not a horror movie, it's a love story that happens to have ghosts. A rather screwed up love story in spots, but a love story none the less. 4.5 out of 5 bleak moors.

Bad mood day

Woke up from good dreams to mood crash. Nothing's changed, but boy am I depressed. Taken my meds, eating some breakfast, and I have plans to go be with friends. I'm functional, but very down. *sigh* Maybe going to the movies to see 'Crimson Peak' with some of my favorite peoples will help. If not, well, said favorite people are experienced with sad foxes, so I should be ok either way. Not sure what the fix is, or if there's a fix. Some days I just have to trudge on. Going to put my trudging shoes on. Catch you all later.

More active dreams

Yet more overly active dreams, at least they were more my style. In one I was helping transfer squid from one tank to another. I'm fairly sure they were Humbolts, as they were as long as I am tall, and red, and unthrilled with being mammal handled. Don't know why, maybe it's a sign I should swap careers from Shoggoth Wrangling to Squid Schelping. The other dream I remember was I was with a bunch of scientists, looking into a desert area that had some kind of Mythos reference. Again odd, but better than stress dreams.

Going to head up to hang out with friends this afternoon. Tomorrow is going to see 'Crimson Peak', and Sunday is the usual. Then it's another week. Blargh. On the plus side, I'm really enjoying 'The Madness of Cthulhu: Vol 2'. I may not always agree with Joshi's opinions, but boy can he pick some good stories.

Ok, time to eat lunch, and head out to visit friends. Catch you all later.

Computer Foo

Ugg, computer foo. Rebooted the 3 linux only boxes here at Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth, Hydra (secondary workstation) and Nyogtha (media player/ fileserver) booted fine. Dagon however decided it rather be dead and dreaming, or at least stick on boot. Finally got things working, not sure if it was just giving it a break while I went to get mail, or turning off the usb array. But Dagon finally booted up. *thud* I don't need this stressor now. I have some vague plans to use Cthylla to replace Dagon, but I rather wait til it's a planned and tested (and I have money to do it all). So I'll probably avoid rebooting Dagon unless I have to. *sigh*

Oh well, eventually I'll be able to upgrade Cthylla to the specs I want to use to replace Dagon's current bits, and I'll swap over. Actually, I probably could swap over now if I cannibalized Dagon, but I don't want to do it that way. I rather have a soft swap over than a hard. Oh well, one of these lifetimes.

Landmine day of meh

Good evening led to another night of crazy dreams, including being a professor of Archaeoastronomy in the universe of 'The Big Bang Theory'. There were other less pleasant dreams that I don't really recall. Woke up, got up, got moving. Ran a couple of errands and now at home.

Mood is pretty rotten, landmine day and all. I don't want to be dealing with anything. I'm not planning to do much of anything today. Well, besides running my update flurry a day early due to 15.10's release date, and plans to be out and about most of the weekend. So that should keep be occupied, and maybe distracted.

So yeah, not in a good mood. I know I need to put some effort against this feeling, but honestly, I don't have the spoons today. I'm just going to work on calming stuff, and have 'Ghost in the Shell' playing in the background. Catch you all later. *waves a tentacle*


Well, I had a fun evening. I went over to visit some friends and their puppies. I'd met their boy dog, Ash before...but it's been a long while, and I've only seen blurry pictures of their girl dog Eris (who fits her name). Most of you know my opinions of dogs, I like them like I like children, other peoples. So it was fun to play with the puppies, even if Eris trolled me about letting go of her ball to throw it, and Ash got wound up and enthusiastic. Nothing bad, just he's going through dog teenagehood and is full of vim and vigor. And since I know him, and his humans, I'm infinitely more tolerant of behavior than I would be with random strange dog (or random strange child for that matter).

Besides puppies, I got to social with the humans. Talked assorted foo, from work to books to virtual machine software. Good time was had. Came home a little while ago and am winding down. Soon it will be book and bed time. Sleep, perchance to not have overly active dreams I hope. Night night fellow cultists.

Not much of anything

Another rough night's sleep, lots of active and varied dreams. Nothing horrible this time, just busy and active. Woke up with my back and shoulders tense. I got up and got moving, got showered and stuff. Trying to get in gear for today. At least tonight will be visiting some friends and their pooches. Yay critter time.

Tomorrow is a landmine day. Aka my name for those days that I tend to forget about and then I step into it and boom. So I've started marking them in my calendar so that they're not utterly unexpected. We'll see how much of a mood swing tomorrow throws at me. (If you're curious, tomorrow is the anniversary of Dad's passing). Oddly so, it's also the offical release day for Ubuntu 15.10. So I may spend the day wrapped up in VM rebuilds and updates and stuff.

On a happier note, today has been good book news day. All the Mira Grant 'Feed' novellas and some new stuff will be collected, which is always good. Also, the author of one of my favorite short stories in the last couple of years, Ruthanna Emrys, has two full Mythos novels coming soon from Tor. I highly recommending reading The Litany of Earth if you like seeing the Mythos from another (slightly bulgy) point of view. In fact *queues up the story for a reread*

That's about it for today. My internets are exploding about 'Back to the Future' day, which is oddly more annoying than it should be. I guess I'm just being a grumpy old Cultist. Oh well. Catch you all later.

43 years, 2 days…

Well it's Monday, mood is pretty decent which is a bit of a surprise given how my mood tends to crater post Spawning Day. Had a good night's sleep, but active dreams with exes, ferrets, and other weirdness. Woke up late, got moving, got basic chores stuff done. Haven't gotten much done on Linkedin/resume foo though...motivation is not there. I did a little, but it was clicking on things and filling in small bits. *sigh*

Cooking up some food for lunch. The plan for this evening is once the sun goes down, I'm going to go off walking to see if I can hit goal in the evenings, weather is cooler and I really don't want to go to the mall anymore to walk if I can avoid it. There's a nice park nearby, and there's also the streets and a big parking lot a bit away. So I'll be doing some experimenting this week.

That's about it for today at the moment. Hopefully I'll find where I stashed my motivation soon. Or cookies, one or the other. Catch you all later. May your tentacles be flexible.

Spawning Day Weekend: Day 3

Last day of the Spawning Day weekend, got up about the usual time. Got up and headed down to Amythest's for the usual laundry and TV. Caught up on 'Scream Queens' which continues to be a pure dose of WTF, and an episode of 'Minority Report' which I like, but have low hopes for it lasting. Came home a little while ago, put up laundry, dishes are running, and I'll probably be going off to bed and book in a little bit.

It's been a very good Spawning Day weekend. I hope the good mood lasts for a while. Catch you all tomorrow when I try to keep happy going. Laters.

Spawning Day Weekend: Day 2

Was a very good spawning day. Got up, got moving and got ready. Got packages containing a bunch of Innsmouth stuff from one Kickstarter, and a collection of 'Togas and Tentacles' tales from another. Headed down to the Fort Worth zoo, met up with Amythest and Nymaz and we went around looking at critters. Been a while since I've gone, but most of the critters were in their usual places. Saw the meerkats and the swift fox and the coyotes and lions and tigers and bears (oh my). Was great weather, and if a tad crowded, it wasn't horrible. We left as the place closed, and met up with some more friends at King Tut's for Egyptian food. Yummy as always, and as the spawning day boy I got to try baklava for the first time. I actually liked it quite a bit, which is odd as I'm not a fan of honey normally. We parted ways after dinner, and I came home. Now I'm vegging out with a period horror flick, and playing catch up with stuff. Tomorrow will be a mostly standard Sunday of TV and laundry and hanging out. All very good things. Well, not laundry.

So yeah, it's been a very good day. Hoping this is a sign of a very good year to come. I still have spawning day related stuff to do, my next year's resolutions and some project plotting, plus there's the whole job hunting thing that I need to ramp up. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy the last bits of my spawning day. Technically I have 8.5 hours of Spawning Day, going by the AoE time zone, but I doubt I'll be up that late. So, happy spawning day to me. Catch you all tomorrow.